Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Newmarket New Hampshire 1773

November 1773, John Wingate received from Jacob Burley one pound four shilling and eight pence lawful money for taxes on the Second Division of forty acres. Township East Town.

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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Reading, Massachusetts, 1730

Massachusetts, 1730.

To Mr. John Harnden Constable for Reading Greeting You are Revely Required in his Majesty’s Name forthwith to Warn the freeholders & other Inhabitants in your precinct Qualified in the Law Direct to meet at the South Meeting house in Reading upon Tuesday Second day of february Next at one of the clock in the afternoon then & there to Elect & Depute one or more person or persons to serve for & Represent them in a great & General Court or assembly, appointed to be convened held & kept for his Majesty’s Service at the Court house in Boston upon Wednesday the Tenth day of february Next Ongoing? the Date hereof & to know whether the Town will take up with any other of Cpt Flints? proposal, about the way going over his meadow in the North precinct, or whether they will choose a commity to agree with him farther about the Same or what they will do Referring to that matter hereof xxx Not & make Return of thy Warrant & your doing therein to the Town Clerk at or before the meeting.
Dated in Reading January the 19 1730/1
By order of the Select men Peter Emerson Town clerk

Friday, September 26, 2008

Joseph Kimball, New Hampshire and Rowland Powell, Vermont

Document entitled 'AN ACT GRANTING A NEW TRIAL", passed by the General Assembly of the State of Vermont, October 21, 1788. A copy from the office of the Secretary of State, June 11, 1790. Involves a 1785 action of debt between Joseph Kimball of New Hampshire and Rowland Powell of Vermont whereby Powell was acquitted of any obligation. Kimball subsequently entered an appeal to the General Assembly which has granted a new trial.

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Windsor and Springfield Vermont 1783

Windsor, Vermont, December 16, 1783, and signed by Court Clerk B. Brown, rendering a jury decision of not guilty in a case of trespass involving the sum of 20 Pounds, between Jonathan Barrett and Nathaniel Weston, both of Springfield, Vermont.

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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Eliakam Caril, County of Salem Province of West New Jersey

In the name of God Amen I Eliakam Caril of Alloways Creek in the County of Salem Province of West New Jersey yeoman being very...weak in body but of peaceful mind memory for which I desire to be very thankful to God who is the...of all god and calling to mind...in manner & form following that....my Soul to Almighty God who gave it to me my body to the dust to be buried in a Christian manner...bequeth unto my dear & loving wife Elizabeth Carell all my personal or moveable Estate to disposed as she shall...half part of my Plantation...for and during her natural life...bequeath unto my son Phineas Caril...in charge of cuting and ...all the firewood that my said loving wife Elizabeth Caril shall want during her natural life...where I have known to set my hand & seal this fifth day of March anno Domini 1749 (1799?) Eliakam Caril

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

John Laighton of Ipswich, Massachusetts

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Sunday, September 07, 2008

1859 Charlotte County, Florida

1859 Charlotte County, Florida documents detailing the results of a Coroner's Inquest into the death of “a negro woman slave Nancy” the property of William H. Gaines at the time of her death.

It appears that the body of "Nancy" was discovered on Saturday April 9th, 1859 on the side of a public road by a free man of color named Washington Bird. On Monday April 11th, 1859 a Coroner's Inquest was held "on the land of Mrs. Susan Elliott (who owned the property near where the body was found). The first Document is the official findings of the Inquest which is signed by the County Coroner, Thomas Pugh, and each of the 12 jurors. This document reads in part: "An inquisition taken on the land of Mrs. Susan Elliott in the County of Charlotte on the 11th day of April in the year 1859 before Thomas Pugh a Coroner of the County upon the view of the body of the negro woman slave Nancy the property of Wm. H. Gains, then lying dead. The jurors sworn to inquire when, how and by what means the said negro woman slave Nancy came to her death, upon their oaths do say: That on examination of the body there were no marks of violence, that on a surgical examination of the body the heart was considerably diseased, therefore the jurors come to the conclusion that the woman died a natural death caused by over exertion in walking acting on a diseased heart, they are of the opinion that she died on Saturday night last on the side of the public road near the residence of Mrs. Susan Elliott at the place where she was found...". This Document is signed by the Coroner and the 12 jurors and is docketed on the reverse "Inquisition on the body / Nancy a Slave" / "Filed 23 April 1859".
Of special interest is a second ancillary Document related to the Inquest which contains the evidentiary statements of a male negro slave named "Thompson", a free man of Color named Washington Bird and the physician who did the autopsy on the body of Nancy. While the Doctor has written signed his statement in his own hand, the statements of the two negro witnesses are written in the same hand as the previous Document and signed by the witnesses with "their mark" - in each case a simple "X". The negro slave Thompson testifies to the fact that on Saturday evening he spoke with Nancy who told him she was going to Mr. Daniels' to collect some money that one of Mr. Daniels' men owed Mr. Gains, her master. Thompson testifies that Nancy left between 8 and 10 PM on Saturday night to go to Mr. Daniels'. Washington Bird, a free man of Color found the body of Nancy on the side of the road at about 3AM on Sunday morning. He testifies that he was passing along the public road near the plantation of Mrs. Susan Elliott and discovered a negro woman lying dead near the roadside. He states that he continued on his way to the residence of Mr. Hannah where he informed Mr. Hannah that he had "seen a woman dead on the road side and informed him of the place. He saw no one about the place where the woman lay. He did not touch her.". Dr. Ferguson testifies to the condition of the body and the extent of the heart disease.

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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Frederick County, Maryland 1813

1813 Frederick County, Maryland Manuscript Legal Brief Documents in a court case involving the death of a male Negro Slave named Harry for sale on Ebay Item number: 280261275456.

These rare, Slavery related legal documents from Frederick Co., Maryland are variously dated between February and June of 1813. They are a portion of the record a fascinating slavery case in which Roger B. Taney served as attorney for the defendants. The case involved the purchase of a slave who, unknown to the purchaser, was in poor health and died of consumption shortly after the purchase was completed. The slave, named Harry, was sold by George French (who were represented by Roger Taney) to Peter Brengle, who testifies that on the first day after the purchase he observed “(Harry) to be weak and sick (and) asked him what ailed, Harry answered that he was weak and had a pain in the breast...had been so for a year or two...”. A doctor's deposition (included here) states that he was called by Brengle “to visit his negro who they called Harry...and found his case desperate, (telling Brengle) you will lose Harry in a few days as he is in the last stage of a deep consumption of the Lungs and cannot survive many days“. Another witness testified that in a tavern conversation with George French (after the sale of Harry) French said Brengle would have to pay for (Harry), though the negro never was worth a damn, and during the lifetime of Mr. Scott, his old master, he was constantly Sick or complaining of a sore throat head ach, and pain in his neck.”. The 2 Documents present include the include the original Appointment of one Ezra Mantz to obtain depositions in the case of Brengle vs French and to deliver those depositions to the Frederick County Court. It is this Document that identifies Roger Taney (the future Chief Justice of the U. S. Supreme Court) as attorney for George French. The second document consists of 4 pages written by Ezra Mantz relating the information taken as depositions from various witnesses produced by the plaintiff and the defendant.