Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Rhode Island 1785 Document

Simeon Crumb of Westerly in the County of Washington, State of Rhode Island...
paid Robert Dixon of sell assign, set over, and transfer unto Robert Dixon a certain Balance reported due to Mr. Simeon Crumb by a Committee appointed by the Legislature of Rhode Island, and on Account of the the Depreciation of my Pay as Soldier in the late Regiment, Commanded by Col. John Topham..October Session A.D. 1785...

Signed by Simeon Crumb, March 1792. Countersigned by Hugh (?) Goodmand and Joseph Clarke. Signed on verso by Robert Dixon and Witnessed by William Hall.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

New Haven Connecticut 1836

An original land document. William Buckingham of the city of New Haven state of Connecticut for the consideration of six hundred dollars received to full satisfaction of Stephen Perkins of Woodbridge does grant the said Perkins a lot of land situated in the city of New Haven and bounded easterly by Hamilton Street fifty feet, southerly.....

At the bottom it is dated June 21, 1836.

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Monday, February 18, 2008

Receipts from Epping New Hampshire

Group of early receipts from Epping NH. 1807 Anna Davis receives from from estate of Moses Davies of Epping. 1831 Jacob Burley pays money. 1824 Anna Davis as executrix pay Moses Davis from the will of Joseph Lawrence. 1822 Widow Lois Burley settles taxes on estate. This group of Epping New Hampshire documents is for sale on Ebay Item number: 220201587946.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Brady Ritter 1907 Lycoming County, Pennsylvania,

Criminal document from Lycoming County, Pennsylvania dated July 26, 1907. The paper is titled, "Commonwealth versus Brady Ritter."

The paper says that Brady Ritter, "...hath been arrrested on charge of Having intercourse with....on oath of Fannie A Jones with child and that he is the Father of said child."

Item number: 310022315999

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

County of Bristol, New England, 1785 Document.

1785, Daniel Carpenter's Justice of The Peace for The County of Bristol in New England Papered Over Seal. Be It Remembered that on The Nineteenth Day of September in The Year of our Lord Lemuel Wyat was Convicted before Me one of The Justices of The Peace OF SWEARING ONE PROFANE OATH!

Friday, February 08, 2008

Ruttland County Vermont 1861

Court Order from the State of Vermont, Ruttland County, dated "April 24, 1861". This document is a Summons, ordering C.C. Taske to appear at the law offices of Briggs & Nicholson in Brandon to resolve some financial differences with Andrew B. Gordon.

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Thursday, February 07, 2008



Frederick County, Maryland Court document.

“TO THE CONSTABLE Frederick County Towit. Have John Stringer before some Justice of the Peace for said County to answer Joseph Pilar & Adam Marckel, of a Plea of Debt & make return hereon on this present day, and have you then & there this precept, given under my hand & seal the 24th day of March 1801.
John (?)
On the reverse is stated: Pilar and Marckel vs. Stringer. Returned same day, not served & signed by the Constable (illegible name).

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Monday, February 04, 2008

1810 Franklin County

“Franklin County to wit
Joel Walker plaintiff complains of William Smith & Dennis Pullman defendants in custody of a plea of debt, that they render unto him the just sum of fifty-five dollars which to him they owe and from him unjustly detain for that the said defendants did on the first day of January 1810 at the parish of in the County aforesaid, by this certain writing obligatory sealed with their seals the date whereof is the same day and year aforesaid, and now by the plaintiff to this court there shown, promised to pay the aforesaid Joel Walker, the just sum of fifty-five dollars in twelve months after date of said writing and the plaintiff in fact doth own that the said defendants the said sum of fifty-five dollars in twelve months after date of said writing obligatory to the same plaintiff did not pay which they ought to have done according to the form & effect thereof, but the same to pay hath hitherto agreed and (?) doth affirm to the damage of said plaintiff ten dollars wherefore he sues (?). DS”