Saturday, April 16, 2011

Virginia slavery document 1815

Virginia slavery document. This document lists the property of Robert Nuckolls of Grayson County, Virginia as of the first day of April, 1815 which includes seven slaves.

The property listed includes "Seven slaves of the following descriptions - Males 4 between 12 and 50 at 1,600 - Females 2 between 12 and 50 at 500 - 1 under the age of 12 at 200". The total value of slaves was $2,300 which exceeded the value of all other property combined including 190 acres with one dwelling house of logs, barn and meat house valued at $1,000 as well as various parcels of land in the township of Greensville, Virginia.

Item number: 140531580390

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Portsmouth in New Hampshire 1736

Early colonial document between: "...John Itardison of Portsmouth in New Hampshire in New England, mariner..." and: "...John Jones of Kittery in the County of York in New England, bricklayer..." concerning the sale of land for the sum of six hundred pounds. Dated "...April the sixth in the year of our Lord 1736."

Sunday, April 10, 2011

James Arnold of Warwick, Rhode Island

Land transfer dated August 2, 1762 and signed by James Arnold of Warwick, Rhode Island. This document transfers lands in Gloucester, Rhode Island, to his daughters Barbary Sheldon of Cranston and her sister Elizabeth Fenner of Johnston, and their husbands, share and share alike. Justice of Peace attestation on reverse, and later recorded by Town Clerk in 1767.