Wednesday, December 22, 2010

John Melzard of Massachusetts

August 16, 1814. Massachusetts. A receipt signed “John Melzard” for taxes paid on his property in his hometown of Marblehead, MA: “Received this 16 day of Augst., 1814 from John Melzard the sum of eight two cents for direct tax upon the property of J.M. in the Town of M.head in the ninth Collection District, in the State of Massachusetts, under the act of Congress passed the 2d August, 1813, to lay and collect a direct tax within the United States.” The document is in good condition, with light toning and tattering at the edges.

1812. No Place. A bill to John Melzard for the amount of $30.00 for shares of prize money owed to P. Smith.

August 15, 1822. Marblehead, MA. A state, town, and county tax assessment document for John Melzard in 1822. The document has several spots of toning but is, nonetheless, in good shape.

No Date. No Place. An extract from the report of Capt. Brown which mentions the sea captain John Melzard: “I therefore beg leave to acquaint you that John Melzard appears by the List that accompanied him from the Sandwich … a volunteer entered at Gravesend on the 2nd of May 1796 and received an able seaman’s bounty, and farther beg leave to inform that he has run from the Kite two months pass.”

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Thursday, December 02, 2010


Handwritten inventory and appraisal of the estate of Alexander Wood.

Inventory includes:

2 Kettles Plank & tub for Hatters
4 Hatters Bows
2 Hatters Irons
1 Hatters Stamper
45 Hatters Blocks
6 1/2 dozen Boram Hats
9 1/2 dozen Carter Hats
98 Muskrat skins
70 Racoon Skins
9 Otter Skins
Plus...rifle gun, castings, cherry tree clock case, silver watch. More.

Signed twice each by appraisers: Jno Reynolds; Benjm Doolittle; William Millar.