Thursday, December 18, 2008

Massachusetts Bay, James Nichols, Berkley,

The Government & People of The Massachusetts Bay in New England. To The Sheriff Greetings:You are hereby Required in the name of The sd Government & Peoples to make an Diligent Search within your Precinct for The Body of of James Nichols of Berkley Gentleman and Him Apprehending you are to have before one of our Justices of The Peace that He may become Bound by Recognizance with Two Sufficient Sureties for His Personal Appearances at The next Court General Sessions of The Peace to be held at Taunton within and for The County of Bristol on The 2nd Tuesday of December next Then and There in our sd Court to answer To a Presentment of The Grand Jury for that The sd James on The Eleventh day of July in The Year of Our Lord Christ Seventeen Hundred and Seventy Five at Berkley IN UPON ONE LIBEL BRIGGS THE WIFE OF DAVID BRIGGS OF FREETOWN YEOMAN THEN & THERE BEING IN THE PEACE OF GOD WITH FORCE & ARMS AN ASSAULT DID MAKE ON HER THE SAID LIBEL BRIGGS THEN & THERE DID BEAT. WOUND & EVIL ENTREAT AND THEN & THERE TO HER OTHER ENORMITIES THINGS DID TO THE GREAT DAMAGE AND HURT OF HER THE SAID LIBEL TO THE EVIL EXAMPLE OF ALL OTHERS OFFENDING IN THE LIKE THINGS & AGAINST & TO DO NECESSARY WHAT BY HER ASSAULT THEN BE IN AFORESAID OF DIRECTIVE AND DEPART WITHOUT LEAVE OF THE PEACE OF THE KING THAT THEN WAS. Fail Not to Make return with your Doings herein unto sd Court Dated at Taunton the Seventh Day of May 1778 On Verso John Porter Signs and States Bristol May 18th 1778 By Virtue of this Warrant I Apprehended The Body of The Within Named Nichols and Brought him before Samuel Tobey Jr Esq one of The Justices of The Peace for The County to be Bound by way of Recognizance according to The warrant and Notified The Complainer of Time and Place.

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Friday, December 12, 2008

Port of New York, 1849

Letter to Hugh Maxwell, U.S. Collector, Port of New York is dated May 14th, 1849 and reads in part:

"The subscriber would respectfully present his name as one of the applicants for the office of Weights and Measures, which may be made vacant under your administration and refer you to the accompanying names as to his character and capability in discharging the duties of either office.
I have always been a resident of this city and now reside in the 9th Ward and have always voted the Whig ticket.

I have for the past six years been striving to maintain my family doing service as a Weigher and Measurer ...Hoping you will be pleased to give my application a favorable consideration and result in the consummation of my wishes

Signed by Charles S. Oakley.
The other original signatures on the document are:
(as the best I can make out: )

Silas C. Herring
Charles Crane
W.K. Beebe
Joseph F. Lippett
James R. BAll
Schiffeling Brothers (?)
Stokes Gilbert
Wm K. Strong
Bleecker & Oothoul
Wm. Halsey & Co.
Abraham Van Orden "member of state legslature"
Thomas H. Brown
J. Howard & son
L.W. Stevens
Hyslop & Brother
David Graham.
(& others...)

"I fully concur....George Briggs, M.C. District New York (Member of Congress)
W. Gerard...

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Exeter, New Hampshire and Newmarket, New Hampshire

Group of 4 documents from Exeter, New Hampshire and Newmarket, New Hampshire. #l. estate settlement 1843. #2. 1822, an IOU to Clark Dean. #3. 1789, an estate of Nicolus Doe ??? settlement for a yoke of oxen. #4. 1761, Frances Durgin pay Andrew Burleigh for thatch. These 2 men were from Newmarket.

Friday, December 05, 2008

Circleville Ohio 1846 John Valentine

Circleville Ohio April the 18th 1846. The document says a payment was received of the administrator of a deceased person named John Valentine, there is also mention of a guardian of a minor.

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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Andover Massachusetts 1783 Joseph Ballard

Document from Andover Massachusetts, dated 1783. Joseph Ballard has sold to Isaac Blunt, feltmaker, also of Andover a piece of swampland ......signed on back by Joseph Ballard, Hanna Ballard, Nathan Ballard, Nathaniel Lovejoy and Nathaniel Lovejoy, Jr.

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