Saturday, May 30, 2009

Confederate States, Corpus Christi, Texas

1863 Confederate States Army military supply document. A signed purchase order sent to the Corpus Christi, Texas merchant Pfeuffer & Maltby. Dated 10-23 October 1863, the purchase order requests supplies like five-gallon camp kettles, bake pans, mess pans, and cups, totaling $790.50. Signed in ink by Captain H.A. Gilpin, Assistant Quartermaster.

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Providence, Rhode Island 1797

Document dated June 8, 1797 transfering property in Providence, Rhode Island, from Silas Covell and his wife Rebeckah of Troy, New York to Squire Thurber of Providence. The property in question located in area of Constitution and Benefit Streets, near what is today Brown University. Also attestation of Rebeckah that she agrees to surrender the Right of Dower and Power of Thirds to which she is entitled to allow this transfer to occur, witnessed by Justice Thomas Sickels. Notice of recording by Providence Town Clerk George Tillinghast.

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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Revolutionary War pay order from the State of Connecticut

Revolutionary War pay order from the State of Connecticut Pay-Table Office dated December 26, 1781 and payable to Ralph Pomeroy. Signed by Eleazer Wales and Samuel Wyllys of the Pay Committee, and endorsed on reverse by Ralph Pomeroy.

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Monday, May 18, 2009

New Hampshire 1780

August 2, 1780 Signed by four New Hampshire church ministers offering advice to the Church at Swanzey, New Hampshire, over the issue of admitting a woman (Mary Harvy) to the church who had not been baptized as an infant, but was later baptized by a church elder, not a minister. Signed by Thomas Fessenden, Bulkley Olcott, Benjamin Brigham and Joseph Lee.

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Friday, May 15, 2009

Ipswich 1677

John and Elizabeth Wainwright of Ipswich and the "shire" of Essex claim the "goods and chattle" of Freegrace Norton late of Ipswich, and in turn, bestow it to John Dennis. Dated June 20, 1677. Document contains the two wax seals of John and Elizabeth Wainwright as well as various notes that appear to have been added later on.

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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Dame Harriott Bloomfield 1821

Four-page manuscript document appointing Dame Harriott Bloomfield Keeper of the New Park, Hampton Court Dated 18th April, 1821 Signed by three different signatories, one legible as "Lowther" The beginning of the text reads as follows;"His Majesty's Grant unto Dame Harriott Bloomfield, the Wife of the Right Honorable Sir Benjamin Bloomfield, of the offices and Places of Keeper and Paler of the House Park of Hampton Court, and of Mower of the Brakes there, and of the Herbage and Pannage of the said Park with the wood called Browsings, windfall wood, and dead wood, happening in the said Park and of all the Barns, Stables, Outhouse, Gardens...and all the meadows, orchards, closes and Pastures together with all fees, profits [and advantages]" the document goes on to list the amounts she would be paid for the various duties; four pages, folded, with a blind-stamped tax or duty stamp on the first page.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Rental Of Slaves 1827

Document providing for the hiring or rental of slaves. Dated November 6, 1827, Jonathan Rhea promises to pay John Sabine one hundred dollars "for the hire of a Negro woman named Treasy and three children named Henrietta, Charles and Henry for two years". Endorsements on reverse indicate that John Sabine used this promissory note as a form of currency to pay debts to others. No place mentioned but this document came with a collection of other slave papers from Alabama.

Friday, May 08, 2009

Rhode Island 1784, Samuel Thurber and Simon Covell

Document dated August 26, 1784 transferring property in Providence, Rhode Island, from Samuel Thurber to Simon Covell. The property in question located in area of what is today near Brown University. Signed by Samuel Thurber and his wife Welthy, witnessed by Sarah Balch and Nathaniel Wheaton. Attestation signed again by Wheaton as Justice of the Peace, and J. Theodore Foster as Town Clerk.

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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Timothy Hopkins 1787

Document dated 1787 from Scituate in the County of Providence, State of Rhode Island, that records the agreement of the Town Council members that Timothy Hopkins, a yeoman, be approved to be the guardian of Foster resident Joseph Carver, a minor. Ebay Item number: 350197485760

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Andrew Bunner to Stephen Paschall 1787

Handwritten release, Andrew Bunner to Stephen Paschall, pertaining to Meadow Ground land, Greenwich Island, Phila County, Pennsylvania. It mentions Robert Wilson and wife Eleanor of Queen Ann's Co., MD. plus additional page of recording. June 15, 1787. Signed with seal, Andw Bunner; witness signatures of Miers Fisher; John Hallowell. Page two signed by Alex. Tod, justice; Mathias [?] Irwin, recorder.

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