Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Pennsylvania RR Certificate Charles Strange 1936

Pennsylvania Railroad Company certificate honoring Charles Stange Sr, Engineman with the Monongahela Division for 53 1/2 years of Service. Dated June 1st 1936.

Monday, December 26, 2005

Civil War Enlistment - STEWART in Wisconsin 1862

Civil War enlistment document from York, Wisconsin, in which John Stewart, Jr. enlists in a Wisconsin regiment. Dated September 29, 1862 and signed by the enlisting officer and private Stewart. Also signed by Stewart's father giving him
permission to join.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

1901 Letter from Gardiner in Michigan to Civil War Vet Hayward in Nebraska

Letter from a land speculator CHRIS W GARDINER dated June 18, 1901 at Evart Michigan. The letter is to a J. M. HAYWARD concerning a land grant to civil war union veterans.

The land in question was 80 acres in Seward County, Nebraska that Haywood made a homestead claim upon. The letter goes on to mention that as a veteran he may be
entitled to another 80 acres. The writer goes on to say that he would like to buy the land if available. On the bottom of the letter is the following note. "Miss Anna Hayward married to Willie L Mull, 1883 Terre Haute, Indiana

Monday, December 12, 2005

1818 Herkimer Ny Justice of the Peace Document CONKRITE & EARL

19 Sept 1818 Herkimer Ny German flats Justice of the Peace Document

A Justice of the Peace summons from Joel Bell ordering the summons of John Earl to his offic e at German flatts to answer Abraham Conkrite? re trespass on the case to damages of $25.00

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Marriage Certificate - PORONAL & BACHER, WV & PA 1898

This Marriage Certifies That Walter Poronal Of Conapolis, State Of Pennsylvania And Emma M. Bacher Of Wheeling, State Of West Virgina On The 24th Day Of November, 1898. Witnesses By Harry Bacher And Adelia Porter

Friday, December 09, 2005

Baptism Leinbach & Seibert 1846 Lebanon Pennsylvania

Geberts und tauf schein or Birth & Baptismal certificate. The Tauf Schein: a printed form Fraktur, hand-colored, with individual family names, places, and dates entered

This one “Printed and for sale by G.S. Peters, Harrisburg,Pa” (Pennsylvania)

Certificate of Birth and Baptism

To these two parents: as Thomas H. Leinbach, and his wife, Elizabeth, a daughter of
Michael & Catherine Seibert, was born a daughter on the 21st day of December, in the year of our Lord 1846.

This child was born in Jackson Town, Lebanon County Pennsylvania, in the aforesaid county, in the state of Pennsylvania, in North America; was baptized by the Rev. Thomas H. Leinbach, and received the name of Clara Ann.

Witness present at the act of baptism,sponsors Joseph & Magdalina Richard.

This Tauf Schein has a nice eight line Victorian death, or mourning style poem above the angels:

“Infinite joy or endless woe, attends our every breath; and yet how unconcern’d we go, upon the brink of death!.……our wasting lives grow shorter still, as days and months increase, and every beating pulse we tell, leaves but the numbers

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Increase Crosby, Physician Orange Co. New York

8 documents regarding business affairs of Increase Crosby who was the second Doctor to settle in Orange co New York

Document 1: Promissory note to Increase Crosby 25 March 1818 signed Nathaniel Brown
Document 2: Promissory note to Increase Crosby 14 Dec. 1812 signed John Sherwood
Document 3: Promissory note to Increase Crosby 24 Sept. 1813 signed Abraham Van Keuren
Document 4: Promissory note to Increase Crosby 31 Jan 1799 signed by Christopher Young with his mark. Witness John Crans/Crane
Document 5: Promissory note to Increase Crosby 11 July 1798 signed Clement Con---. Witness Thomas Horton
Document 6: Promissory note to Increase Crosby 30 April 1798 signed Abraham Vememburgh? Witness Philip MOle with his mark
Document 7: Page with dates 1807 to 1818 seems to be a list of names and amounts - some kind of ledger book of accounts due or paid? One visible name is "James Bennett"
Document 8 & 9: James Newkirk to Increase Crosby 1806 to 1809. Perhaps a patient ledger page for this family?

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Madison Co. Indiana Taxes 1863 - Elmira Smith

Tax receipt from Anderson, Indiana dated January 2, 1863 issued to Elmira Smith for her payment of $17.19 in property tax. It lists the description of the land and deed book numbers. It's signed by the Treasurer of Madison County, Indiana.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

War of 1812 Scarborough Massachusetts - Ezra Carter

Scarborough March 24, 1812 Recd of David Burnham Clerk three dollars in full of all the fine money Recd for the time that Ezra Carter had Command of the Company up to this date as witness my hand Ezra Carter.

Monday, December 05, 2005

William Schaszberger family York Pennsylvania

Wonderful large collection with original Tin Ware Box, of about [ 50 ] fifty, 1821 to 1900's original early York, Pa. Schaszberger Family and other Documents [ plus Shartzbarger and Dempwolf, as Reinhardt Dempwolf, a well known York, Pa. architect was Executor of The Estate of Amanda C. Schaszberger.] Documents include; Indentures, Deeds, Wills, Hand Drawn Surveys, Marriage Certificate, Bank Checks, Letters, an Architectural Drawing, etc.. as found in the Schaszberger Family original hand painted tin and brass document box which is included in this auction lot. We just acquired a large collection of books and documents, unfortunately we do not have the time to examine and catalog each item individually so we are selling some things in large lots. This is an excellent lot of vintage documents as found in the original family tinware document box.
THE COLLECTION: [ Document Box.] Original 1800's Schaszberger Family painted tinware document box. A nice larger size measuring 12 X 7.75 inches, with solid brass handle on the top, tinware hasp on the front. The box has hand-painted yellow decorative borders, and the name "W. Schaszberger." painted in gold leaf or reflective gold paint on either end.

DOCUMENTS: There are about Fifty [ 50 ] old documents in the box plus five [ 5 ] Account Books of which two are leather. The documents include early Hand-Drawn Surveys, Indentures, Marriage Certificate, Bank Checks, Letters, an Architectural Drawing, a Blueprint, etc. The documents and drawings date from about

[ Partial List Only.] Four Hand-Drawn Surveys, including one which is hand-colored, dating from 1821 to 1876.

A very attractive 1861 two page hand written document with itemized property of George Betz by the Executor Frederick Schaszberger, with a embossed York, Pa. Seal.

Original 1864 Marriage Certificate of William Schaszberger and Amanda Ickes ? Decorative printed borders, signed by the Minister, etc.

Hand Drawn Architectural Drawing measuring 15.50 X 12 inches with drawings on both sides. This is a early drawing as there appears to be no provision for a bathroom. The names Jacob Buser, John Moyer and John Wilson appear on the drawing. Some of the specifications are; "The Basement 7 ft. high, the Wall 18 inches thick, the Patiteian? Stone Wall 18 inches thick, The First Storey Frame 9 Ft. High, the Second Storey Frame 8 ft. High, etc.

Several Deeds or Indentures. The earliest appears to be a 1845 between George Upp and Catherine his wife of Spring Garden Township, and Jacob Fishel for $ 885.62, containg Eight Acres and One Hundred and Thirty Seven Perches Neat Measure. Also a 1857 Deed between David Strickler & Michael Boeckel & Christian Bender. A 1870 Schaszberger Family Deed, from Frederic & William Shartsbarger to George P. Shartzbarger..A 1902 Deed between Virginia Ruby & Husband and Daniel Trimmer, etc., and some others Jacob & Samuel Heiges, etc.

A 1880 Document between J.Frederick Schaszberger and The Spring Garden Loan & Building Association

A envelope and receipt dated 1894, for "One Diamond Ring, the Property of Miss Anna Rebekah Brickley.

A two page, hand-written letter of debt dated 1834 between Frederick Shapsburger ? and Elenor Gardner for $200.00. About land situated in Frystown York County Pa. near the Columbia Turnpike adjoining land of John Spangler, etc. with several signatures

A 1903 letter and envelope from Cochran & Williams Attorneys, York to Jacob Smyser about Miss Maria J. Heiges.

Large hand written 2 page document dated 1879 about sale of a parcel of land between George P. Schaszberger and L?H. Greenewald

Blueprint showing numbered building lots, titled "HEIGES TRACT..9th Ward, York, Pa...April, 22nd, 1903.". NOTE: Belvedere, Locust, Salem, west, and West Princess Streets run through these lots.

Very interesting large 6 page Document dated 1911, containg a very large inventory, including actual $$ values, of the property and posessions of E.W. Loucks. Includes the Daniel Cameron property in Hoffmansville, Maryland. Property of Milton W. Eisenhart and Charles Lightner, known as "LIGHTNER HILL" in North York. Two storey house and tobacco barn in Pleasureville, Pa. known as the John Dellinger Property and another same place known as the Stevens property with house, bank barn, etc. 12 Building lots in Pleasureville on Girard Street. The Weiser mansion House and Property at 2nd Street in North york. 12 Houses in the 12th Ward on Girard Street in York, Pa. Woodland in North Codorus Township 1 mile from Brillhart's Station. Building lots on East Philadelphia Street. The Zink Farm in Manchester. House and lot at 905 West King St. The Alexander W. Loucks Residence, Four Storey Mill, Barn, etc. in North York. The Leber farm of 157 acres. The Rudy Farm and Buildings in Hellam, Pa. The property known as "Hellam Station" with Railroad Station House, brick house, large Bank Barn, a Three Storey Merchant Mill, etc., etc., etc.

A two page Contractors Agreement dated 1892 to build a brick semi-detached house, between Gilbert & Coy Builders and William Schaszberger, to be built on the North Side of East Philadelphia Street in the City of York Pennsylvania for $1,900.00. Drawings and plans by Arthur Rosen.

Hand written 1895 agreement about land on West Jackson Street, York, pa. Signed by Henry Westenhold, Frank Berman, Sara Birman, W.F.Bay Stewart.

Five [ 5 ] original Bank and Account books, including 2 full leather "FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF YORK" acct. books belonging to William Schaszberger dated 1891 & 1901. A "FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF YORK" acct. book belonging to Amanda Schaszberger dated 1907. Two "ACCOUNT BOOKS" dated 1904 and 1914, one belonging to Reinhardt Dempwolf as Executor of the Estate of Amanda Schaszberger, and the other belonging to Amanda Schaszberger as Executor of William Schaszberger.

Also various other Shartzbarger Family documents, other documents, etc. including a detailed funeral bill dated 1914, from C.A. Strack & Sons with a nice letterhead illustrated with an old building [ The large building that stands beside the MacDonald's on South George Street.] Paid by Reinhardt Dempwolf foe Amanda Schasberger

[ Some of the Names on the Documents & Surveys.] Peter Spangler, Jacob Schultz, Jacob Fishel, J. Durbin, D.M. Ettinger, Daniel Heckert, Widow Emig, Augustus Meiser, A. Weiser, John Hough, George Upp, Catherine Upp, Jacob Buser, John Moyer, John Wilson, David Strickler, Michael Boeckel, Christian Bender, William Ramsay, Virginia Ruby, William Ruby, Jacob & Samuel Heiges, Samuel Trimmer, Clementine Heiges, Frederic & William Shartzbarger, George P. Shartzbarger, Elenor Gardner, Henry Westenhold, Frank Berman, Sara Birman, W.F.Bay Stewart, Miss Maria J. Heiges, Jacob Smyser, etc.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

1804 Indenture FISH & MARTEN Schaghticoke, Rensselaer Co. NY







See document for his son Jonathan Fish

Thursday, December 01, 2005

FISH & ALVORD Cincinnatus, Cortland Co. NY Indenture





Wednesday, November 30, 2005

New York William COLMAN 1834 Receipt

handwritten on preprinted form document dated 1834 from the State of New York to William Colman. It is a receipt of labor of 15 days in June of that year specifically filling in the Canal bank above the mud lock,

Monday, November 28, 2005

Marriage Certificate JOHNSON & RAPP in Kansas 1888

Marriage Certificate with photos.

August E. Johnson & Ida E. Rapp of Osage City, Kansas were married in June 1888.

See their son Aldophus' baptism certificate on this website

Friday, November 25, 2005

Naturalization Certificate 1920 for Anders Alfred Larson

Naturalization Certificate 1920 for Anders Alfred Larson age 33. Names his wife Johanna and daughter Myrtle Margaret age 4. His residence is given as Spirit Lake Iowa with his parents.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Naturalization Papers Francis Kuhn, Hamilton Co. Ohio

Probate Court of Cincinnati Hamilton County Ohio

Citizenship Papers 7 October 1867

for Francis Kuhn, renounces King of Prussia

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Naturalization Certificate Alexander McCalmont Pennsylvania

Found in an antique store in Kingston Ontario:

Naturalizaton Certificate for Alexander McAlmont. It is undated but he was naturalizing in Crawford County, Pennsylvania. Document states he was born "about 1795" in Ireland, and immigrated to Pennsylvania in 1835, where he settled.

I found an Alexander McCalmont [sic] in the 1840 and 1850 census for Venango Pennsylvania. This might be the same man.

Use this Census Records Free Trial to search for Alexander McCalmont

Sunday, November 20, 2005



Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Documents Overseers of the Poor in Massachusetts

A wonderfulpair of documents,one dated 1839 and the other dated 1841,both dealing with the overseers of the poor for the town of Newbury.

Signed by Artemas Simonds from the overseers of Boston and Joseph Bartlet from Newbury

Boston Feb. 4, 1839
From the Overseers of the Poor re one Abigail Allen, wandering in the town

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Recognizance Bond Cummings vs Chace 1783

Document of 1783 is a Memorandum for the Recognizance of Ebenezer Chace Labourer of Freetown who puts up 9 Pounds in sureties and James Winslow Cordwainer and Benjamin Weaver Gentleman all of Freetown the Sum of 4 Pounds Ten Shillings each to be levied on their Goods or Chattels,Lands Tenements and for want thereof their Bodies that on the second Tuesday of March next to answer to such Matters and Things as shall be Objected against Him but more especially that of theft. On the back it says Recognizance Bond Cummings vs Chace 1783

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Baptism Aldophus JOHNSON in Kansas 1899

Baptism Certificate

That Adolphus August son of August E. Johnson and his wife Ida was born 14 March 1899 at Osage City, Kansas

Baptised 7 May 1899

Monday, October 03, 2005

1860 Slave Documents Upson Co. Georgia

These two documents were purchased together and are related, although the names are a little different on each document and even within one document

One is a 4 1/2" x 7 " lined paper, handwritten, and gives notice to James F. White that the "negroes belonging to the estate of T.W. Reviene" will be divided on November 6, 1860, in Upson County, GA. The letter also mentions "Caroline E. White," his wife.

The other is a 5 1/2" x 7" lined paper, a 1860 Upson County notice to Caroline M. Rivene [Riveri?] that "the negroes belonging to Tho. W. Riven (?)" will be divided on November 6, 1860. The 1860 Census was the last to make notice of slaves and slaveholders.

Each document bears the signature of having received the notice: "Caroline M. Riveri" and "J. F. White."

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

1873 Jacob Hermance Ellenville NY Document

1873 Jacob Hermance Ellenville NY Document ~Proprietors of Albany and Honesdale and Merchants and Tanners Freight Line

1873 billhead to R. C. Young from Jacob Hermance proprieters of the above mentioned freight lines as well as dealers in lime, phospahte, plaster brick, cement and assorted food sundries

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Herkimer & German Flats NY 1795 Documents

2 Herkimer & German Flats NY 1795 Documents

14 March 1795 One mentions Herkemer county to Mr. Bell regarding sending money, and the second German Flatts regards receiving money from a George H Bell. Signed Jost Hardyman

Both documents are signed by the same person which is difficult to make out. Appears Jost Hardyman but the back of one document states Jost Herkimers Recvd

Friday, September 16, 2005

1899 Virginia Pay USS Pensacola - James O'Brien

August 23 1889 Navy Department pay document addressed to James A. O’Brien Sergt United States Marine Corps U.S.S. Pensacola, Navy Yard Norfolk Virginia for $15.00

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Citizenship Papers Henry McKenzie Ohio 1937

Citizenship Papers for Henry Arnold McKenzie, 2182 Chatfield Drive, Cleveland Heights, Ohio, dated 17 September 1937. U.S. District Court

Henry Arnold McKenzie
age 51
5'7 1/2" tall

Monday, September 12, 2005

1885 Varysburgh New York D. S. Davis to George Davis

D. S. Davis, Dealer in General Merchandise and Produce, dated Varysburgh, N. Y. April 17, 1885.

Letter about order, train, and business to George M. Davis begins Dear Nephew and is signed Your Uncle D. S. Davis

Sunday, September 11, 2005

1876 Baptism Certificate STINZEL, MASON - Pennsylvania

German Baptism certificate. It is 16" by 14"and in German. The dates are June 22 1876
and June 26 1876.

The names on it are Frederic Stinzel Lucinda Coroline Mason. Lucinda has a piece of paper glued over with this name on it. Lilly Elizabeth and William H Center. I believe it is from Bethlehem Pennsylvania

Friday, September 09, 2005

1880 South Carolina Planter's Contract Document

Memorandum of Agreement between the Planter, Robt. [Robert] P. Hamer and the Laborer, Washington M. Laurin dated Feb. 25, 1880 in Marion County, South Carolina. Memo states the laborer is to be engaged to work on lands of the planter so the following census finding makes no sense.

A search of the online 1880 U.S. census reveals a black family named HAMER in Manning, Marion, South Carolina, including a 10 year old son named Robert.

Name Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace
Browne HAMER Self M Male B 50 SC Farmer SC SC
Clara HAMER Wife M Female B 45 SC Keeping House SC SC
Tristram HAMER Son S Male B 18 SC At Home SC SC
Frances HAMER Dau S Female B 16 SC At Home SC SC
Clara HAMER Dau S Female B 14 SC At Home SC SC
Daniel HAMER Son S Male B 14 SC At Home SC SC
Robert HAMER Son S Male B 10 SC At Home SC SC
Dol Roe HAMER Son S Male B 7 SC SC SC
Rose HAMER Dau S Female B 5 SC SC SC

Citizenship Document Youdel H. Gouber, Washington Co. Maryland 1897


1 August 1897

On the 16th Sept 1897 Youdel Gorber [did] on 6th Sept 1884 declare his intentions before the Circuit Court of Washington County to become a citizen of the United States ... and .... renounced his allegiance ... to the Czar of Russia ... On the testimony of May Jaffe and Moses Leve? .. hath resided 5 years...

Search for Joudel in the 1900 U.S. census! I found him -- with some difficulty. He's indexed as Judel H Gerber and is living in Hagerstown, Washington, Maryland. He's with his wife Bessie and 6 children, ages 3 months to 10 years old. His sister in law lives with them, likely his wife's sister, so anyone researching this family will have his wife's maiden name. He's 33 years old and his year of immigration is given as 1893, a pretty good fit with his citizenship papers. Get help finding the rest of his Naturalization Records

Sunday, September 04, 2005

1842 Travel Documents Rinkelmann Germany to NY

1842 Travel Document for the Grand Duchy of Oldenburg

Issued to one Johann Heinrich Carl Rinkelmann so that he could travel to New York.

Travel document was good for three years and is No. 50. Gives all sorts of details about Rinkelmann from weight to shape of his nose. Four-page document

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

WW1 Death Records DUGGAN

Sent to the mother Mrs Harriet Duggan Pendleton Ont relating to her son #305623 Private Clyton Duggan, 8th Bde. He was killed Dec 7 1917 and is buried at Brandhoek Cemetery.

One document deals with military estates and the other states enclosed herewith certificate of death.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

1891 Warsaw New York Old Paper Document

Letter taken from a ledger from a store which used to be located in Rock Glen New York. Document date on top sheet is Oct 12, 1891. Ledger document is from a business in Warsaw, New York. Business name on document is The New Watkins, C. T. Watkins, Prop'r. This is a two sided letter of payment request. It is addressed to "Friend Davis"

Here is a transcript of the parts I could decipher:

Friend Davis,

What has gone wrong? You did not answer my letter of a week ago.... Has the house offended you ... ? I have done my best with you at all times and you would do me a favor to write me a forward letter (to the house) and let me know where the trouble is...

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

1886 Invoice to G. M. Davis of Perry New York

Invoice taken from a ledger from a store which used to be located in Rock Glen New York. Document dated Boston Sept 13, 1886.

Ledger document is from a business in Boston, Massachusetts. Business name on document is H. E. Taylor & Co. Wholesale Dealers in PICKLED, DRY AND SMOKED FISH. Also agents for L. Pickert & Co.'s Canned Goods Factories. Business location on document is Office, 400 Atlantic Ave

Appears to be an invoice or bill for fish, made out to Mr. (Mrs?) G. M. Davis of Perry New York. Bill is marked "Paid Oct. 13, 1886"

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Photo Album: Lee, Willson, Badenoch, Pepper,etc of Brant Co. Ontario

Some of you know that I have a little corner of my website called "Lost Faces". LOST FACES is my collection of Family Photo Albums. I recently found this Civil War era brass bound photo album in an antique store in Shakespeare Ontario. It is in beautiful condition and every photo except one is labelled! It is Canadian, and the families lived in Ontario. Some had roots in Germany, some in New Jersey

Almost every photo has names in spidery handrwriting. Surnames include Lee, Willson, Badenoch, Pepper, Shaver, Muma, Edwards, Blundy, Weaver, Clark, Lever, Green, Drake,
Mannen, Bell, Jacobs, Heron, Kitchen. Locations include Brantford, London, Ingersoll, Little Falls New York

Most seem to be circa 1860s, 1870s, a few very early possibly late 1850s. I did manage to find a bit of information on the folks in this album (burial records, census records, etc), and it is listed on my webpage along with the list of photos and names.

Click on the album called LEE, WILLSON, BADENOCH Family Album of Brant County, Ontario

Monday, August 01, 2005

Estate of William Walley, Gilmanton New Hampshire 1821

Inventory of estate of William Walley? late of Gilmanton, [New Hampshire] deceased.

Dated Gilmanton, Feb. 13, 1821

At bottom "household furniture which the widow carried to said Kelleys"

Saturday, July 30, 2005

1845 letter Elizabeth Pease, Abolitionist Quaker to James Fuller NY Underground Railroad

Important 1845 British Feminist ABOLITIONIST Quaker letter

A Lengthy Letter from Elizabeth Pease One of the Leaders of the British Anti-Slavery Movement, to a Station-owner on the Underground Railroad in New York

A long, substantial letter dated Darlington (England), July 29, 1845, from the staunch British anti-slavery advocate and Quaker Elizabeth Pease, to James C. Fuller of Skaneateles, New York (near Syracuse), who with his wife ran a station for escaped slaves on the Underground Railroad.

The letter illuminates the tensions within the Society of Friends on both sides of the Atlantic regarding slavery. Elizabeth is especially troubled by a deputation of British Friends about to embark from England in order to quell a schism taking place in Indiana between anti-slavery Quakers and traditional “organizationists.” Her interactions with the members of the delegation have convinced her that they are merely going in order to restore the status quo, and have no intention of allowing the slavery question to insert itself into the Society’s doctrine. Her instincts were correct: the deputation had little if any effect on the troubles in Indiana.

She details a meeting in which she is “put down” for raising the slavery question, and also touches on a number of other “hot button” issues of the time, including poverty in England (“there is as great a prejudice against poverty in England, as there is against colour in America”), women’s voting rights, and the death penalty.

Elizabeth Pease, the daughter of Joseph Pease and Elizabeth Beaumont, was born in 1807. In her early twenties, she became the leader of the Women's Abolition of Slavery Society in Darlington. In March 1838, she joined with Jane Smeal of Glasgow, to publish a pamphlet, Address to the Women of Great Britain, urging women to organize female anti-slavery associations. Elizabeth also believed that anti-slavery societies should allow women to speak at public meetings.

Elizabeth supported the campaign for the 1832 Reform Act which enabled her father, Joseph, to become Britain's first Quaker member of the House of Commons. However, unlike most middle-class reformers, Elizabeth was not satisfied with this measure and along with her close friend, Anne Knight, became a supporter of the Moral Force Chartist movement.

Elizabeth was in close contact with the Chartists in Darlington and helped to distribute their literature. In a letter to her friend, Anne Warren Weston, Elizabeth pointed out that some of her friends considered her to be "ungenteel" and "vulgar" because she was a supporter of universal suffrage.

Elizabeth, the most radical of the Pease family, believed that most of the problems afflicting British society were due to "class legislation". She supported workers who went on strike and defended those who attacked factories in Lancashire and Yorkshire in 1842.

She was a member of the Peace Society and the Temperance Society, and also took part in the anti-vivisection campaign. In 1853 she married John Pringle Nichol, a professor of astronomy at the University of Glasgow. As Nichol was a Presbyterian, Elizabeth was expelled from the Society of Friends. She and her husband moved to Edinburgh where she lived until her death in 1897.

The letter is on a very large sized sheet, which measures about 16 x 10 inches when unfolded, and she has written on just about every blank space. It was sent via the Cunard line, and she is sure to note that it is a "Single Sheet," as customers were charged for each sheet.


Thanks to Laurel Cooper for submitting this letter to The Paper Trail

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Groveland Station New York Invoice to George M Davis 1902

A paper document taken from a ledger from a store which used to be located in Rock Glen New York. Document dated June 2, 1902.

Ledger document is from a business in Groveland Station, New York. Business name on document is Ewart & Lake, Dr., Flour, Grain, beans and baled hay. Information also includes Long Distance Telephone, Telegraph, Railroad and Express, Groveland, N.Y.

Invoice for flour to Mr. Geo (George) M. Davis of Rock Glen New York

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

1897 Cleveland Ohio Stove Co. to G. M. Davis, Rock Glen NY

1897 Cleveland, Ohio Old Paper Document Stove Company a paper document taken from a ledger from a store which used to be located in Rock Glen New York. Document date on top sheet is February 15, 1897.

Ledger document is from a business in Cleveland, Ohio. Business name on document is Office of Co.operative Cleveland Stove Co. (Stoves, Hollow Ware, Plumbers Sinks, etc.) Business location on document is 26 to 36 on Viaduct.

To G. M. Davis of Rock Glen New York

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Letter from Morgantown Virginia, Jonas Davis to Philadelphia merchant George Westcott


31 July 1800, Morgantown Virginia (later West Virginia) letter from a Jonas Davis to Philadelphia merchant George Westcott. Davis owes Westcott money, and thanks him for "so polite a letter" which "is seldom received from persons who have been kept so long out of their money."

"I hope that you will not order suit if I inform you that I am making arrangements to depart this place some time this ensuing Fall and fix myself at N. Orleans [New Orleans] or at Loftus's Hights at which there has lately been laid off a Town which I am told is high from the River [Mississippi] healthy and progresses with astonishing rapidity -- it lies close within the bounds of the US.

The Gazattes gave us an account that a Brig of 140 tons came up there, discharged her cargo - reloaded and returned...I cannot advance a single step by remaining in this country, in the discharge of the money which I owe I deem it most prudent to attempt an experiment of establishing a Commission House on the miscicippi [sic]

...I shall feel happy in the belief of being soon able to discharge all my debts. From several tracts of land I hope to be able to raise 10 or 1200 Drs. in the produce of this will oblige me very much if you will write me by the next mail yr opinion of the under-taking."

Monday, July 25, 2005

1797 Union NY Deed of Land to Benjamin Winchel Revolutionary Soldier

Land deed reads in part:

Know all men by their presents, that I, Benjamin Winchel of the Town of Union, County of Tioga, State of New York, Gentlemen, for and in consideration of forty pounds lawful money of the state of New York... have sold unto Charle Hyde of the first regiment in the Army of the United States, Gentelmen, all and every piece, parcel, trust or grant of land that hath been, shall or will be given, granted or lein out to and for Tador Palmer, bounty for services as a soldier during the American War with Great Britain.

And I do by then preesent, give, grant, bargain, and release all of my rights and tittle to aforesaid land...

Signed Charles Hyde, Josiah L. Paterson, Benjamin Winchell and Harriot Hyde. Reverse signed by Robert Yale.

100 acres Range 18, Township 4, Section 2, Choice 33

Sunday, July 24, 2005

1897 Albany New York Keeler's Hotel to George Davis

Hand written letter taken from a ledger from a store which used to be located in Rock Glen New York. Document date on top sheet is May 2nd, 1897. Ledger document is from a business in Albany, New York. Business name on document is Keeler's Hotel. Business location on document is Broadway and Maiden Lane.

Letter addressed to Geo. (George) M. Davis

Dear Sir,

As the shoes have not arrived here and [I?] will leave here in the morning, cannot say where I will be for some time ahead if they have not shipped them better have them come to Rock Glen, and hold them there until I return.

Yours truly,
F.J. Gill

Saturday, July 23, 2005

1892 Leroy New York W. S. Brown Carriage Factory

Paper document taken from a ledger from a store which used to be located in Rock Glen New York.

Document date on top sheet is Mar 26, 1892. Ledger document is from W. S. Brown, Leroy Carriage Factory, Lime Works and Stone Quarry in Leroy,New York and is addressed to A. B. Davis & Co.

To left side of paper Quick Lime, By the Car-Load,Barrel or Bushel, rough and Cut Stone of all Kinds from the Celebrated LeRoy Quarries. Business location on document is 80 Main Street

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Vienna Bakery Invoice Warsaw NY to A. B. Davis & Co.

Warsaw New York Vienna Bakery Invoice for Bread and cookies to A. B. Davis & Co. August 9, 1891.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

1891 Warsaw New York Letter to Davis

Paper document taken from a ledger from a store which used to be located in Rock Glen New York. Document date on top sheet is Oct 12, 1891. Ledger document is from a business in Warsaw, New York. Business name on document is The New Watkins, C. T. Watkins, Prop'r. This is a two sided letter of payment request.

Letter begins:

Friend Davis.... What has gone wrong?

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

1890 Buffalo New York Baked Goods George M. Davis of Perry NY

A paper document taken from a ledger from a store which used to be located in Rock Glen New York. Document dated July 26 1890. Ledger document is from a business in Buffalo, New York. Business name on document is R. Ovens Bakery, Fine Biscuits, Crackers and Sweet Goods. Business location on document is 159 to 167 Ellictt Street.

Bill made out to Geo. (George) M. Davis of Rock Glen New York for milk and soda.

George M. Davis is found in the 1900 census for Gainesville, Wyoming, New York; Roll: T623 1179; Page: 9A; Enumeration District: 122. He is a merchant, age 59, born New York. WIth him are his wife, whose name I can't read, and 3 sons - George Gibbs, Harold H. and Edward M. plus one daughter Marguerite, ages 3 to 17. Find George and family in other census records by using this Census Records Free Trial

Sunday, July 17, 2005

1886 Buffalo, New York Invoice Mr. G. Davis, Perry NY

Document dated Dec. 3, 1886. Ledger document is from a business in Buffalo, New York . Business name on document is The Superior Manufacturing Co, Pants, Vests, Overalls, Shirts, & C. Henry Haenlein, Proprietor. Business location on document is 78 Pearl Street

Document is an invoice for clothing (Vests, pants, etc) made out to Mr. Grover? Davis of Perry New York. See other documents for this family here on Paper Trails.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

1849 Ledger Page James Hubbard

7 3/4"x10" ledger sheet on blue page, December 26, 1849 signed by James Hubbard. Apparently a list of things he bought on that date. Total price is $72.47. Marked "John Stores BILL" on verso fold

Found in Selbyville, Delaware

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

1866 Idaho Territory indenture letter

1866 Idaho Territory indenture letter between W. K. Leveridge and Moses Kenfruer for $210.00 in the 2nd Judicial District of Idaho Territory and Boise county.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

1828 sale of shares in Sutton Bank Massachussets

Know all men by these presents that I Peter Farnum of Grafton in the County of Worcester and Commonwealth of Massachussets for value received have bargained, sold, assigned and transferred by these presents, do bargain, sell, assign and transfer unto Ramiz B. Sibley, Cashier of the Sutton bank, Ten full shares in the capital or join stock of the President, Directors and Company of the Sutton Bank, the certificate whereof is dated the fifth day of Oct AD 1828.

Monday, July 11, 2005

1884 Marriage Certificate Young - Gardner, Kansas & Pennsylvania

1884 Framed Photo Marriage Certificate Major John Young

Framed marriage certificate for Major John W. Young of Minneapolis, Kansas and Lydia A. Gardner of East Bridgewater, Pennsylvania on December 17, 1884.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Marriage Certificate WAUGH - SHERWOOD, Greene NY

Large 1893 Framed Marriage Certificate Greene New York for John R. Waugh & Addie M. Sherwood of Greene, NY on January 10, 1893. Witnesses: Joseph A. Sherwood, Lizzie Waugh

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

New York Legal document 1713 Nicholas Dallie (Daley)

Dated January 5th "in the Twelfth Year of the Glorious Reign of Our Sovereign Lady Anne...." This is a deed of sale between "Nicholas Dallie [he signs "Dally" as does his wife, and is likely an old form for Daly] of the City of New York Carpenter and Elizabeth his Wife...

Give Grant Relase Renounce...Bargain and Sell unto the said Isaac Quintard...All that a certain House and Lott or Toft of Ground...being within the City of New York bounded on the North by the Street or Highway commonly called Maiden Lane, On the West by Smith's Street, On the South by Crown street, and on the East by the House and Lott of Matthew Benson, Containing in Breadth to the front of Maiden Lane aforesaid being the North End thereof Twenty one foot...and on the East side by the said Matthew Benson sixty six foot All English Measure...." And so on for another twelve lines.

Besides the note on the verso which is signed by three persons (David Letellier, Susan Letelier, and John Conrad with some writing after Conrad I cannot make out) there is another notation written and signed by a justice of the peace, Abraham Wendell. This note is dated a day later, January 6th 1713.