Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Jacob Wiser 1769

A 1769 Application for a Patent of 300 Acres of Land
Land Applied for by Jacob Wiser
Signed by Surveyor General John Lukens
Land to be Received from the Relatives of William Penn
Land Located on East Branch of Munsey Creek:

Sunday, March 14, 2010


John Keim, District Township, Peter Yoder of Oley, and John Keim of Reading, who all sign with seals on April 19, 1783, bind themselves to Daniel Yoder, guardian of Christian Keim, son of Conrad Keim, deceased. Christian Keim later signs on the bottom of page two, Dec. 10, 1791.

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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Marriage Certificate from Lowville New York 1894

Up for auction on E-Bay is this very rare & old marriage license from 1894. This certified both Stephen Dunham & Emma Taylor married in Lowville, New York. This measures approx. 19" x 15" framed. Auction ends March 14, 2010

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Good luck! It's a beautiful certificate

Monday, March 08, 2010

Lancaster, Worcester County 1750

Land document for Lancaster, Mass.,Worcester County. 1750. The deed is for "Alis Harris" [Alice Harris], "Or Alis Mitchell, of Lancaster, Spinster - for the sum of thirteen pounds, six shillings and eight pence paid by Hezekiah Gates of Lancaster "that was the land of my Honoured Father John Harris, deceased...gave me by his last will and testament after my mother deceased which half I do now sell and quit claim...""Land...South on Deans Brook and partly on land off the widdow [sic] Dinsmore and it contains twenty five acres ...[by] land of Amos Sawyer...[etc...]"
Signed with "her mark" Alas Harris, 1750, "in the twenty fourth year of his Majesties Reign" Also Signed by the Colonel Oliver Wilder and Thomas Gates.

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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

List of the pyrats that were executed. 1721

"List of the pyrats that were executed. 1721."

The document reads -

"A List of the Persons names condemned before the Judge of the Admiralty - John Clerk, Rogers Hews, William Fenton, John Stewart, William Groon, James Sail, William Minty, Richard Luntly, Richard Jones.

Haymon Satturly pardoned.

The names of those who were absolved - John Eshwell, Thomas Loudon, Nicolas Kerney, Thomas Rogers, Dennis Pophen, John Gerrell, Henry Thixton.

A List of the wittnesses names - Nicolas Simmonds, William Savage, John Owen, James Nawler."

This appears to be a list of nine pirates executed on Leith Sands, Edinburgh, Scotland in January 1721. John Clerk was the pirate known as "Lord" John Clerk.