Saturday, March 28, 2009

John Faure Court Document 1723

Court document dated 30 March 1723. This document is summoning the wife of John Faure to appear before a grand jury as to why she had child after six months of marriage.

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Estate of William Boulden, Cecil County.

We the subscribers in pursuance of the power in us vested by the Orphans Court of Cecil County to value and allot the negros belonging to the estate of William Boulden deceased amongst the heirs of the said dec'd. And after qualifying according to Law do hereby certify that we have Estimated the values of said negros and allotted the same among the heirs of the said deceased in the following manner. Which is to say To Richard Boulden we allot one negro boy named Henry valued at $ 275.00. To Samuel R. Hogg and Rachel his wife one of the heirs of said deceased we allot one negro boy named Lawry valued at $ 275.00. To George Boulden we allot one negro boy named March valued at $225.00. And to Elizer Boulden we allot one negro girl named Ann valued at $ 150.00. We also have considered the other duties enjoined by the said appointment which is to estimate and value the hire of said negros from 1826 up to 1832 and after deducting clothing and board of the younger negros we think that $60.00 is an ample compensation for the hire of said negros for the time before stated. In witness whereof we have annexed our said appointments and the oath by us taken this 9th day of February 1835.

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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Harry Boyd Declared Insane

5 page 1882 document. Harry Boyd, a 51 year old insurance agent, is declared insane and "unfit to be at large" and is sentenced to the State Insane Asylum. Signed by Multnomah County Judge L. B. Stearns and two examining physicians. Details of the case are given. Boyd is "rational at times." Supposed cause of the disease is "alcoholism." He has been in the insane asylum for a week already, and is now being legally committed.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Stolen Watermelon In North Carolina

This is a North Carolina Judge's ruling on a case of a stolen watermelon from a farm in 1873. It is the State vs. Nathan Bootie. It says a warrant was issued by the Constable, T. L. Bowden on July 23 , 1873. A witness for the State was Thomas Erwin. He claims that Nathan Bootie did take or steal the watermelon from his farm on July 19th 1873, and said melon was on the vine that he planted on the ash bank. Ellen Erwin, swore she saw it cut off the vine with a knife. The Defendant admitted cutting the vines under orders from Mr. Erwin, the farm owner because the vines were growing into the cotton. The Judge, finds the Defendant gulty and fines him $2.00.

It is signed by R. Bowden J.P.

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Sunday, March 08, 2009

Colonial Rhode Island documents.

Colonial Rhode Island documents. One document dated 1748 appears to be a promissory note in the amount of 8 pounds. Danial Howland of Portsmouth was given credit by the Trustees of the Colony of Rhode Island. The other document dated 1766 is a summons for Thomas Gorton of West warwick to appear at court in East Greenwich.

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Sunday, March 01, 2009

1782 Presbyterian Churches of Grafton, Windsor, Cornish, Meriden and Woodstock, New Hampshire

February 20, 1782, document containing minutes of a Council of the Presbyterian Churches of Grafton, Windsor, Cornish, Meriden and Woodstock, New Hampshire, called to discuss and resolve a schism in the membership of the church at Cornish under Rev. James Wellman. Lists names of delegates and counselors present at the meeting, and details the issues, viewpoints and decision of the Convention, along with a copy of the letter sent to the Rev. Wellman outlining the council's position. This fantastic document is up for sale on Ebay Item number: 190288242161. If your ancestors were members of this council you should add this document to your genealogy collection.