Monday, October 29, 2007

1774 document from Kingston, N.Y.

1774 Colonial Document – Kingston, New York, J. Garland Item number: 130166316536

1774 document from Kingston, N.Y, in which Jacob Warthen acknowledges a debt to Jacob Garland, evidently a local tradesman. It is signed by Garland. The IOU concerns a saddle, and is dated April 22, 1774.

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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Dutch Reformed Church of Tiashoke, Buskirk, N.Y.

Handwritten Documents Tiashoke Buskirk Quackenbush 1795 Dutch Reformed Church Stamples Letters Quakenbush 1800s Item number: 180172140290

1)1826 Receipt for a statement of salary paid to A. J. Swits.

2)1827 note written about Reverend Swits wanting to dismiss himself from the congregation and they are granting him his wish. It is signed by Asakeh Morris. President.

3)1847 note written asking the congregation to honor the dismissal of Mrs. Keesmance. It is written by an H. Heesmance in Medina Michigan.

4)1847 stampless letter addressed to “Consistory Ch. Tiosiock Buskirk Bridge, N.Y.”

5) This next piece is a receipt that dates 1848 and talks about the purchase of preaching supplies. Morris is mentioned on this one.

6) 1852 Receipt that says, “Received Cambridge October 26th, 1852 of O.R. Bacon Sixty two dollars in full for moving the P. Dutch Reformed Church of Tiosicok. M.L.Jones and Co. 4 ½ days work, two extra hands and teams. Traveling fees one way.”

7) This and the last letter date from 1875. The first letter is written to Rev. J.G. Smart and written by W.L.James. He’s asking him to inform him of the Church at Easton, and needs an introduction to the reverend there.

8) The last letter is very interesting and therefore thought it would be better to quote, as follows….

“Fort Miller, Dec. 13, 75

Rev. J.G. Smart,

Dear Bro. I learn from the papers that the ch. at Buskirks Bridge is vacant. I know but little about the ch. but as I am now without a charge, would like to spend a Sabbath there, if opportunity was presented. Would you be kind enough to introduce my name to the Consistory. I have spent the past season very pleasant and profitable to my health. But now am curious to get into new _____ ______. Hope you are prospering as I presume you are. Yours &c. J.P.Viele.”

Friday, October 26, 2007

Bristol County, Massachusetts Bay Colony, New England

1696 COLONIAL AMERICAN DOCUMENT, Item number: 230182287011

Bristol County in The Massachusetts Bay Colony in New England. Jan 5th 1696 The Examination of Esther Andrews She being asked whether she did Sell or Give Edward Hamon Two Quarts of Beans & a Piece of Pork She Owned that She Did and had Money for it adding being asked how she did not perform or Sell away Her Masters Goods She said She did it out of Pity and She Disposed of No More Theft unto me Hannah Tiffany Say. He had lost Twenty Shillings payment for Master and more and He knew of four Pieces of Pork She carried to the Cahoons and would have left it with them but they would not receive it but bid her to carry it back again the said Esther Denied it adding if she did take these Pork it was less than he owed her being asked if she told her sd master that she had made bold to take four pieces of sd pork and would pay him for it she said did not say anything about it at last she confessed and owned to it that she carried four pieces of pork to cahoon House she had out of her Masters Cellar owned and Confessed Coram Me Jn Safflin Justice. Edward Hannon Confessed and Owned the truth of all that had been testified by Hannah Tiffany and the rest of the witness's but to excuse himself thought or at least said he thought he might confess it that to Deal with the Many Servants and it was the First time that he did it and he would do it No More.Signed Jn Safflin Justice on Verso it States Esther Andrews Examination Jan 5th 1696 with Esther Andrews.

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

1888 Cecil County, Maryland's Orphan's Court

This is a partially printed document with attached manuscript note and separate related manuscript receipt from the Cecil County, Maryland's Orphan's Court dated 1888. The printed document, finished in manuscript, reads as follows:
"State of Maryland, Cecil County, to wit: On this 15th day of August 1888, personally appeared before the subscriber, Register of Wills for Cecil County, Wm. S. Evans and made oath in due form of the law that the aforegoing Account as stated is just and true, and that he hath not received any part of the money stated to be due, or any security or satisfaction for the same, except what it credited. R.E. Jamar, Register." Manuscript portion afixed to the document is a bill for $15.00 for services from attorney William A. Evans and reads in part: " The Estate of Andrew Nickle to William A. Evans Atty for Prof. Services in case of Andrew Nickle vs. Edward Jackson et al No. 795...Received payment in full November 3rd 1888, W.S. Evans". The related manuscript receipt reads: "Rec'd, Nov. 22nd, 1888 from Mr. W.W. Nickle, Admin of the Estate of Mrs. Mary H. Nickle, check for sixty seven & 15/100 Dollars in full for bill as passed by Orphans Court. Geo.W. Gillespie"

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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Pennsylvania 1838 Jonathan Snay

1838 Surveyor's Document Summerhill Pennsylvania Item number: 300161460794.

Pennsylvania 1838 Partly Printed Document signed by the Surveyor General John Taylor for Jonathan Snay in Summerhill, County of Cambria for 35 acres of land, land adjoining Daniel Dimond on the north Reuben Crom, Ephraim Crom, & G. Knepper ...and Jacob Slick...

John Gebhart, Secretary of the Land Office witnessed it and countersigned the document with Taylor. On the side it is addressed in manuscript to Jacob Livergood, Esq, Deputy Surveyor.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

1790 Rockingham County, James Linzy Perkins

1790 Rockingham County two page document calling for the Constables of Northfield, New Hampshire to attach the Good or Estate of James Linzy Perkins of Northwood, Gentleman, in the amount of Sixty Shillings and to take the body of Perkins. Signed in bold by Jonathan Stevens, Jun. JP of Concord, at his house. The Blacksmith Joseph Conner of Sanbornton, Stafford County charges that in 1788 he gave him a pound"Lawful Money" and it was to be repaid in "Money or Butter." On the reverse is a note signed by Gardner Green that he attached a Chair.Signed Also by Benjamin Green. "B. Green."

1790 Document Concord NH Northfield Item number: 300159907834

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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Liberty Ohio Land Record, Jacob Bricker and William Hogue

Land Deed 1841 Liberty Ohio. Item number: 110178475603

This great old land deed contract document is for a parcel of land from the state of Ohio. The paper states the deed is between Jacob Bricker and William Hogue. The land is described as lying at Liberty Township and in lot number twenty, quarter one township six range fourteen of the United States Military land in said at the South East corner of a fifty acre tract sold to said Bricker off the north end of said lot........ At the bottom it is dated July 3, 1841.

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Saturday, October 13, 2007

1820 New Hampshire Land Deed

Land Deed 1820 Document Somersworth New Hampshire Item number: 110178475589

Land deed contract document for a parcel of land in New Hampshire. The paper states the deed is between a Mr. Roberts of Somersworth and a Abner Clements. The land is described as the Brown Farm, north by land by the river south by the road. At the bottom it is dated December 12, 1820.

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Friday, October 12, 2007

Lycoming County, Pennsylvania Criminal Document

Criminal Antique Document 1907 Man Arrested For Assault Item number: 110178475515

An original criminal document from Lycoming County, Pennsylvania dated August 13, 1907. The paper states, "...George Meltzer hath been arrested on a charge of Assault & battery upon John Wilhelm."

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Monday, October 08, 2007

Pennsylvania 1869 Henry Lake Assault & Battery

Criminal Document 1869 Assault & Battery Pennsylvania Item number: 110178475402

An original criminal document from Lycoming County, Pennsylvania dated Dec. 1, 1869. The paper is titled, "Commonwealth vs Henry Lake." The paper states that a warrant was issued on oath of a Jas. B. Churchill, "Charge. Assault & Battery on dept."

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Friday, October 05, 2007



July 22, 1812. Baltimore, Maryland legal document. The document is signed by John Hargrove, James Bryden, and John Purviance. Three promissary notes are attached, each signed by Bryden.

Edward Johnson, "a citizen of the state of Maryland and not residing therein is bona fide indebted to him the said Edward Johnson in the sum of Three hundred and twenty five dollars and five cents, over and above all discounts".

The three notes signed by John Bryden are mentioned in the document, "the three several promissary notes which are hereunto annexed by which the said James Bryden is so indebted and the said Edward Johnson also makes oath."
Document is sworn before Judge John Hargrove, signed by Hargrove twice.

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Thursday, October 04, 2007

William Canedy, James Cobb & Robert Markhen

1731 COLONIAL AMERICAN DOCUMENT, MONEY DEBT & DAMAGE ! Item number: 230175368682

This Document has William Canedy of Taunton Gentleman in Ye County of Bristol in Ye Province of The Massachusetts Bay in New England Sueing James Cobb & Robert Markhen of Middleborough in The County of Plymouth in New England for the Sum of 24 Pounds 10 Shillings and 4 Pence MONEY DEBT & DAMAGE & 4 Pounds 3 Shillings & 6 Pence COST OF SUIT as to us appears of record, Whereas Execution Remains to be Done. We Command you therefore that of The Goods Chattles or Lands of The sd James Cobb and Robert Markhen you cause to be Paid and if None We Command you to Take The Body of The sd James Cobb & Robert Marhen and Them Commit them unto Our Goal in Plymouth, Bristol or Boston and detain in your custody until They Pay The Full Sums. On Verso William Canedy Signs off and States Suffolk Sep 21st 1731 Then Received Ye Full of Ye Within Execution.

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Wednesday, October 03, 2007



“Franklin County to wit
Joel Walker plaintiff complains of William Smith & Dennis Pullman defendants in custody of a plea of debt, that they render unto him the just sum of fifty-five dollars which to him they owe and from him unjustly detain for that the said defendants did on the first day of January 1810 at the parish of in the County aforesaid, by this certain writing obligatory sealed with their seals the date whereof is the same day and year aforesaid, and now by the plaintiff to this court there shown, promised to pay the aforesaid Joel Walker, the just sum of fifty-five dollars in twelve months after date of said writing and the plaintiff in fact doth own that the said defendants the said sum of fifty-five dollars in twelve months after date of said writing obligatory to the same plaintiff did not pay which they ought to have done according to the form & effect thereof, but the same to pay hath hitherto agreed and (?) doth affirm to the damage of said plaintiff ten dollars wherefore he sues (?). DS”

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Monday, October 01, 2007



Greene County Court March term, 1839
Ordered that the hands of Ezekiel Lucas, Silverton C. Blakely, John Pitman, E. J. Williams, James Eagan, Robert Carr, Robert Carr, Jr., Fielding Powell, Albert Howell, John M. Carr, & Simon Powell, and they are hereby assigned to the ROAD FROM THE ORANGE CHURCH TO THE DIVIDING LINE BETWEEN THE COUNTIES OF GREENE & ORANGE.
A copy teste
Robert Fletcher(?) County Clerk ”

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