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Marriage Cert: Poronal - Bacher, PA and VA 1898

This Marriage Certifies That Walter Poronal Of Conapolis, State Of Pennsylvania And Emma M. Bacher Of Wheeling, State Of West Virgina On The 24th Day Of November, 1898. Witnesses By Harry Bacher And Adelia Porter

Friday, November 26, 2004

1839 Document, Mainie. Benson, Heath, Tinker

Document, dated January 1839, Mount Desert, Maine. Signed 2x by Capt. Benjamin Benson, Jr. Request to Capt. William Heath Jr. to pay a third coasting captain, Jonathan Tinker, interest on money left with Heath.

1812 & 1823 Kentucky Slave Documents - Alexander Parker, James Kennedy

Two Slave Documents:

Lewis Co., Kentucky, 16 Oct 1812 power of attorney from Alexander Parker of Virginia to Thomas Parker of Kentucky to recover a runaway slave named Sam from Washington Stubblefield of Natchez

Todd Co., KY, 6 May 1823 deed conveying a slave woman named Mary ("and her increase") to James Kennedy as his part of the estate of Michael Kennedy.

Kentucky was a "border" state and did not secede with the slaveholding states of the South. It not only allowed slaveholding, but also became a major supplier of slaves to southern plantations after the importation of slaves was prohibited by Congress in 1808.

1832 Holy Communion Document Germany


Document Cornelius W. Groesbeeck's Return of Duty from 1st July 1825 to 1st Oc. 1825 at the City of Albany. A lengthy enumeration and description of wares and merchandise sold by Groesbeeck including real estate, clothing, "sundries by order of the sheriff;" candles, brandy, liquors and salts.

Certificate re John Johnson of Albany New York. 1789

Colonial document, entirely handwritten, measuring about 4" x 8" being a certification that John Johnson of Cambridge, Albany County, New York possesses certain real estate and properties dated April 13, 1789.

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1802 STATE OF NEW YORK DOCUMENT - Newman, Van Ness, Watts

Handwritten document dated at Albany, NY on Oct 23, 1802 and directed to the Treasurer's Office, State of New York. It gives a listing of those who paid into the Treasury -- Peter Newman, Peter van Ness and Robert Watts.

Schooner Endeavour of Portsmouth 1828 St Thomas to St Croix

Custom house document 28 January 1811

The Schooner Endeavour of Portsmouth has departed from St.Thomas to St, Croix.

Signed by J.MacKay as naval officer and Charles Crook as acting comptroller

1809, Jesse Hurd,New York shipbuilder documents

Four documents dated 1806-1828 covering various aspects of ship building and supplies for Benjamin and Jesse Hurd, New York.

The primary figures in the Hurd family are Jesse Hurd (1760-1831), his brother Benjamin Hurd (1739-1781), and Jesse's sons Cyrus and Jesse II; and Cyrus Hurd's sons Cyrus II and Charles W. B. Hurd.

Jesse Hurd (1760-1831) was a storekeeper, distiller, ship-builder, shipmaster, shipowner, state representative from Chatham, and first president of the New York Screw Dock Company.

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Irish Excise Document 1843 , Portballlintrea

A Handwritten Excise Document from 1843: EXCISE OFFICE, COLERAINE AND BUSHMILLS.

Permit John Haughey, Retailer, of Portballintrae, to remove from his stock one cask of spirits containing six gallons, to Capt. A.C? Duncan to be received into his stock at Ballycastle, dated the First day of February, 1843.

Conveyance: cart. Signed by Wm. Huggard, Officer.

1896, Medal of Honor, Wilber Wilder, West Point

Documents dated 1896, West Point academy where Wilber Wilder,Captain of the 4th Cavalry has signed orders as Adjutant.Wilder was one of a very few to win a Medal of Honor during the Indian Wars campaign. Wilder rescued a fellow officer at Horseshoe Canyon while hunting Geronimo. Documents are from West Point and deal with military drill regulations.

From the medal of honor roll.... The President of the United States

in the name of

The Congress

takes pleasure in presenting the

Medal of Honor



Rank and Organization: First Lieutenant, 4th U.S. Cavalry.

Place and Date: At Horseshoe Canyon, N. Mex., 23 April 1882.

Entered Service At: Detroit, Mich. Birth: Atlas, Mich. Date of Issue: 17 August 1896. First Lieutenant, 4th U.S. Cavalry.

Place and Date: At Horseshoe Canyon, N. Mex., 23 April 1882. Entered Service At: Detroit, Mich. Birth: Atlas, Mich. Date of Issue: 17 August 1896.


Assisted, under a heavy fire, to rescue a wounded comrade

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1847 Russell County, VA Tax Receipt Slave Document

Tax receipt for 1847, that indicates a $1.50 tax levy for two black slaves. Also a tax is levied from revenue from two slaves, four horses, land, and one clock. It is from a Russell County, Virginia estate

Isaac Vermillion signs as receiving the money in full from Samuel Fugate

1925 Texas State Teachers College Diploma - John Coers

1925 Southwest Texas State Teachers College Diploma . The degree is a Bachelor of Science for John Coers.

Dated 21st of August 1925 and signed by C.E. Evans-President of teachers college and by M.O Flowers President of Board of regents.

Last Will and Testament, June 2, 1866, Mrs. Mary Harrold

Last Will and Testament, June 2, 1866, Mrs. Mary Harrold.

This document is written in fully legal hand and measures 18" x 26" or more.

Interesting content often includes household inventories, bequests to the poor, in addition to lands and monies disbursed among family and friends. Attached to it is the Probate Court certification that the terms of the will have been complied with

Probate of Will, October 11, 1871, Mrs. Hannah Smith

Probate of Will, October 11, 1871, Mrs. Hannah Smith.

Last Will and Testament, written in fully legible legal hand, measures 15" x 24" or more. Interesting content often includes household inventories, bequests to the poor, in addition to lands and monies disbursed among family and friends. Attach to it is the Probate Court certification that the terms of the will have been complied with

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1825 FALKIRK SCOTLAND Doctors medicine bill - Wilson

SCOTLAND: Stirlingshire.
1825 Doctors bill for medicines from James Mitchell, Surgeon, Stenhousemuir to Mrs Lieut Wilson, addressed to Mrs Mathews at Hamilton Arms, Borrowstouness

Charged "5"d postage, with FALKIRK/PENNY POST on front, reverse with framed "5" Penny Post receiving House handstamp and framed FALKIRK mileage handstamp


United States Internal Revenue service tax collection notice. First District State of Illinois, Chicago. Signed July 24 1865. George Schneider was the Collector but it does not look to be signed by him. Daniel D. Dow was the citizen who owed $13.15, or 5% of his income of $263.00

New York. Lake Champlain. Canada. Petition, 1790 - Peter Allaire, Samuel Mott

Four full pages of written text, all dated various days in February, 1790.

There is a reference in the Petition to 1798 so it was probably written about that time.

The document appears to have been written by Peter Allaire.

It is three different items;
ONE - occupying 1 1/2 pages is his petition, dated February 2, 1790, to the New York legislature asking it to recognize his Champlain holdings

TWO - another petition, dated February 9, 1790, to several Land Commissioners relative to another petition by Samuel Mott and others claiming the same land as Allaire

THREE - the decision, dated February 20, 1790, of the Land Commissioners recommending to the Assembly that the Mott petition not be granted.

The document reads, in part

"The Humble Petition of Peter Allaire Sheweth, that your Petitioner being in England in the year 1770 to 1780 did during that time purchase of the Right Honorable Sir George Yonge, Bart., in 1773, one half of a certain Tract of Land Situated in the North part of Lake Champlain adjoining the Canada line, for Two hundred pounds Sterling, the above tract of land was by Order of his Excellency Sir Harry Moore Captain General & Governor in Chief in and Over the Province of New York...did Order by Warrant bearing date of 13 July 1769 to Alexander Colden Esqr., Surveyor Survey and lay out for the said Sir George Yonge the Above Tract of Land in Lake Champlain....

Your Petitioner on his Return to America in 1783 as soon as land commissioners; were appointed did Apply...for said Tract of; Land on behalf of the said Sir George onge & himself...the Commissioners refused granting, as Sir Geo was a British Subject and an Alien...that Sir George Yonge being an Alien could not hold Land in America without taking the Oath of Allegiance.

Your Petitioner therefore humbly prays the Honorable the Legislature of New York to grant him those lands he had purchased of Sir George Yonge having taken possession & putting on Several inhabitants before the Revolution, for further particulars he begs leave to Refer the Honorable house to Aaron Burr, Esq...."

1917 Passport Kingdom Preussen - German reich

New Hampshire Will 1859 - Isaac Morse

Document from Sullivan County New Hampshire dated August 31, 1859.

The last will of Isaac Morse of Springfield and executor Richard Snborn of springfield. It was signed in Newport by Alvah Smith Judge of Probate.

The handwritten first page was witnessed by Samuel Quimby, Albert Davis, and Lydia A. Davis, again by Alvah Smith Judge of Probate.

He attests, "A true copy attest Alvah Smith Judge of Probate". It has the Probate Court of Sullivan County State of New Hampshire seal mark on the left of the printed, "State of New Hampshire".

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Stock Transfer, Maryland - Brumbaugh, Angle

Handwritten transfer of stock in the Hagerstown and Conococheague Turnpike.

This is actually two transfers one on the front and one on the back. The first says: Washington County, Md. Know all men by there present that I John Brumbaugh do assign all my right, title, interest and claim of Ten Shares in the Hagerstown & Conococheague Turnpike Company to David Angle of which it appears is not all paid up. Here I bind myself my heirs and administrators or executors by these conditions to pay the whole amt. of stock which the whole is Two Hundred Dollars as written by my hand and seal this 30 of April 1819. Attest (signed) Joseph Brumbaugh John Brumbaugh.

On the other side of the document it says: I hereby assign and transfer all my right title and interest in and to two shares Hagerstown & Conocheague Turnpike ? ? stock to Henry Angle for value of his received. Witness my hand this Twenty one day of December in the year 1821. Witness (signed ) Joseph Brumbaugh John Brumbaugh David Angle.

Rhode Island Deed 1796 - Olney, Hopkins, Tillinghast

Deed dated at Providence, November 19, 1796.

Blank on verso but for docket and notation regarding it being recorded a few months later, and signed by the Town Clerk.

The document itself is signed by Henry Olney and his wife Phoebe, and witnessed by Stephen Hopkins, and George Tillinghast.

This is an agreement betweeen "Henry Olney of Providence...Mariner...and Zachariah Allen...Merchant..." for a certain "Triangular piece of Land situated in the northerly part of said Providence on the Plain (so called) containing three acres and three quarters of an acre and nineteen Rods, bounded northerly and southerly on Highways... and Westerly on a Lot of Land belonging to Ann Rodman & Elizabeth Olney...."

And a few more lines, with a quit-claim handwritten note at the bottom of the document, "And Phebe Olney, Wife of the said Henry, for the same Consideration above expressed do hereby...release and forever quit-claim unto the said Zachariah Allen...."


Marriage certificate is dated December 21, 1899 between John W. Michael and Mrs. May Hursey, both of Flint, Ohio, with the wedding taking place in Worthington, Ohio

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1854 English passport - Sophie Anne Noble

1854 English passport. Number 9603, it was issued to Miss Sophie Anne Noble (British subject) by George William Frederick, Earl of Clarendon.

Leather cover is embossed with the name of the person but has suffered some damage. Inside, the passport opens out to 15” x 9” and has the earl’s signature and various Foreign Office stamps.

On the reverse is a red wax seal and endorsement showing Miss Noble visited Austria – via Dresden 1856. There’s also a police stamp for Breslau dated 1855


1918 grammar school diploma from Bristol Connecticut for Dorothy May Hoffnagle.

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Catskill National Bank Signed Check, 1901

An original signed bank check drawn on the Catskill (New York) National Bank, dated Apr. 24, 1901.

The National Bank of Newburgh Signed Check, 1901

An original signed check drawn on The National Bank of Newburgh (New York), and dated January 3, 1901.

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The National City Bank of Brooklyn Signed Check, 1899

A printed check from the National City Bank of Brooklyn, dated December 8, 1899. The word "City" has been inked out and the check altered to read "National Bank of Newburgh, NY". With 2 cent revenue stamp.

Payable to Edwin J. Webster. Look for him in the online census. Use the
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Steamer Julia - Pittsburgh & Zanesville Packet - 1870

Weighbill from the Steamer "Julia" in 1870. Pittsburgh and Zanesville Packet. Printed by Winchester Marietta, Ohio.

James A. McConnell

1839 Washington DC Indenture

1839 WASHINGTON D.C. Indenture Deed Document

1839 WASHINGTON D.C. Indenture Deed Document.

8" x 13" 4 page paper document from Washington D.C. Between A. M. Duncanson and Richard Griffith.

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Early Pennsylvania Envelope & Document, 1840

Early Pennsylvania envelope, postmarked Pittsburgh, December 22 (1840), to Messrs Maslin & Pepper.

Original document, signed by Criag Bellows. Reads in part, "Recd. of Wallingford & Taylor in good Order the following articles..."