Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Civil War, Captain George T Woodson

Civil War printed document dated Washington, January 13, 1863. This is a General Orders, No. 12. The document says that by direction of the President, Captain George T Woodson of the 16th U.S. Infantry is hereby dismissed from the service of the United States. On the back there is some writing that says, General Order No. 12. War Dept.

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Monday, September 28, 2009

Vermont 1812

Vermont sherriff's writ issued "BY The AUTHORITY Of The STATE OF VERMONT", dated "1812". For the attachment of the "Goods, Chattels, or Estate" of one JOSEPH MASON. It is dated "this 4h day of June A.D. 1812" and signed by the Justice of the Peace, Ch. WILLIAMS.

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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Albany New York 1759, John and Thomas Livingston

Pair of documents, dated 1759 and 1763; where John and Thomas Livingston have signed payment receipts to Martin G. Van Bergen for wine and other goods.

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

1796 Medical document

1796 Medical document. Handwritten bill of Dr. Robert Honyman [Honeyman], to estate of Mrs. Barbara Carr of Louisa County, Virginia. Items include 1794 visits, "advice", 'some Salt of Wormwood", and "refrigerant powders". Signed 1796, John Brown, Hanover; and Thos. Garland, who notes he received payment for Dr. Honyman from Garland Carr.

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Monday, September 21, 2009


1859 Monroe County, Georgia document. A slave is sold for $5.00 to settle financial matters between Thomas B. Bryan and James B. Battle. Legible ink. 8" x 10". Original item. Last page signatures of Thomas B Bryan, J. M. Brown and Jesse Croom, jp. Page two notes:
"The said Thomas B Bryan, hereby bargains, sells and conveys unto the said James B Battle his heirs and assigns, the following property to wit, a negro man named Lazarus, aged about thirty years, of common dark complexion, now hired to William A. Banks, to have and to hold the said bargained property.....forever..."

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Friday, September 18, 2009

Church of Christ in Swanzey, New Hampshire 1787

Document containing minutes of a meeting at the Church of Christ in Swanzey, New Hampshire, dated April 5, 1787. The meeting is called to resolve disputes between several members - Benjamin Willson, Isaac Hammond, Doctor Frink [?] and Joseph Dickinson - outlining various charges against each member and decisions of committee.

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Thursday, September 10, 2009

1729 land deed Reading Massachusetts

To all people before whom this deed of sale shall come greeting now know ye that I Ebenezer Nickols Jun. of Reading in the county of Middlesex for and in his majestys province of the Massachusetts bay in New England turner for and in consideration of the sum of an hundred pounds current money of New England to me in hand paid by Jonathan Parker ternins of the town and county afforesaid husbandman the receipt whereof I do hereby acknolledge. and my self there with to be fully contented and paid and of every part thereof do acquit. and fully discharge the said Jonathan Parker his heirs and assigns forever. have given granted bargains and sold. and by these presents do fully freely clearly and absolutely give grant bargain sell aliene convey and confirm unto the said Jonathan Parker his heirs and assigns forever two pieces of land lying seitnated in the township of Reading near a place called Birchin meadow.

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Saturday, September 05, 2009

Rochester New York, 1768

Deed on vellum dated 1768 during the reign of King George III. The indenture conveys parcels of property, parts of the Letters Patent, originally given by Queen Anne in 1703, in Rochester New York. The deed refers to the original letters patent and further conveyances as well dating 1721, 1728, and 1736 giving metes and bounds and geographic descriptions of the conveyance with several references to the Depuy family. The property conveyed appears to be tracts 138-143of the Patent.
The deed names Andries Dewitt, Jacobus van Wagener, Elias Depuy, and Jacob Hoornbeek, among others. There are three red wax seals at the bottom of the deed with signatures and Elias Depuy signs as well with no seal.

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Friday, September 04, 2009

Lawrence County, Alabama, 1837

Court documents from Moulton, Lawrence County, Alabama, 1837, regarding a dispute between Gilford Gibson and Thomas G. Dobbins in the amount of $800.00. First document is a Sherrif's Summons , " . . . you are commanded to take the body of Thomas G. Dobbins wherever he may be found . . . to holden for said County, at the Courthouse in the town of Moulton . . . ". The charge is then detailed; for Dobbins to satisfy a plea of debt against him for $800.oo by Gilford Gibson. Bottom half records the date of the court appearance and the signature of the Court Clerk, Wiley Gallaway. The back of this document is all manuscript summarizing the charge. There is also the signature of the sheriff here and dates written. It includes another notation by the Court Clerk as to which pages in the Court's book he has entered the case.

Second document is a manuscript declaration by Gilford Gibson through his attorney and is headed , "The State of Alabama, Lawrence County, County Court, July Term, 1837. This document is 18 lines in length and recounts the defendant's promise to pay the $800.oo debt as well as his repeated failure to do so. The document then asks for damages due the plantiff in the amount of $1,500.oo. It also spells out the time frame that the debt must be settled in. Bottom signature reads, L.B. Cooper and an abbreviation of P.O. or P.Q. - I am not sure if this is the attorney for the case or someone else.

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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Josiah Parsons of Swanzey, New Hampshire

A completed tax receipt for $5.95 for payment received from Josiah Parsons of Swanzey, New Hampshire, dated April 3, 1816. Signed by Elijah Carpenter, collector of taxes for the state. Elijah Carpenter later became a member of the New Hampshire Senate.

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