Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Francis Tompkin of the Kimberworth Scout Group

The Boy Scouts Association Medal of Merit Certificate signed by Robert Baden-Powell, Chief Scout, awarded to Francis Tompkin, Scoutmaster of the Kimberworth Scout Group. Certificate, dated 12 September 1928.

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ipswich Documents 1767 - 1795

12 American Documents, Dated 1767 - 1795 Ipswich. Most of these documents are loan notes and receipts. The documents mention the names of Capt. Nathaniel Dennis, John Caldwell, Ezekiel Dodge, Ebenezer Gilbert, Daniel Gidings, James Flinn, Joseph Lakeman Ross, Benjamin Caldwell, William Coleman and Joseph Hale. All the documents are handwritten, and include various notes.

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Friday, July 17, 2009

Edward Albert Bornick 1896

Framed Birth Cert of Edward Albert Bornick from October 1896. He was ST. Mary, Wisconsin but it was signed in Princeton, Wisconsin. It looks like his father was August Bornick and his mother was Bertha. This neat old document is up for sale on Ebay Item number: 260429033344.

I went and had a look in the 1900 United States Federal Census for August Bornick.

Name, Parent or Spouse Names, Home in 1900, Birth Date, Birthplace.

August Bornick
Princeton, Green Lake, Wisconsin
Apr 1824

August Bornick
Princeton, Green Lake, Wisconsin
Mar 1860

August Bornik[August Bornick]
McCan, Marquette, Wisconsin
Apr 1845

Friday, July 10, 2009

Private John A. Welch 1863

Civil War printed document. This document is dated Headquarters Department Of The Ohio Cincinnati, Ohio, November 4, 1863. The document says it is a General Orders No. 177. This document appears to deal with a person charged with desertion. It looks like it says Private John Welch of the 1st Regiment Ohio Heavy Artillery is charged with desertion and found guilty. In one area it says, "And does, therefore sentence him, the said Private John A. Welch, of Company E, 1st Regiment Ohio Volunteer Heavy Artillery, 'To be shot to death, at such time and place as the General commanding the Department may direct,' more than two-thirds of the members of the Court concurring." It then says the finding is approved and the commanding officer of the 1st Ohio Regiment will see that the sentence is duly executed in the vicinity of Covington, Kentucky.

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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Jailor H.W. Reid charges Aaron Dutton 1840

Document billing for services in jailing of a slave. Jailor H.W. Reid charges Aaron Dutton for "Receiving negro man Limus July 16, 1840 in Jail", feeding him for nine days and then releasing him. No place mentioned but this document came with a collection of other slave papers from Alabama.

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Tuesday, July 07, 2009


Part-printed document, signed, "Robt Rantoul", President of the Beverly Marine Insurance Company, Dec. 1, 1817, Beverly, Massachusetts. Also signed by Isaac Flagg, Secty. The policy was made out to Henry Larcom, $1,000 for specie or effects on board the Ship Palladium, on a voyage from Beverly to Calcutta, India and return. The text refers to perils by pirates, men of war, assailing thieves, etc.

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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Concord, New Hampshire 1848

October 1848. Concord, New Hampshire.

A document concerning a bridge: “The undersigned has examined Mr. Henry R. Campbell’s bill for constructing Connecticut River Bridge, and believes the following deductions should be made from it for the reasons herein assigned considering the terms, conditions and execution of the work. The original estimate for abutments was 3000 perches. Mr. Campbell greatly increased the thickness and depth of the abutments. He claims 5648 perches: the additional amount of 2648 perches was mostly common rubble masonry placed under ground and worth not exceeding $3.75 per perch, making a difference of $5,958.00. It was originally designed to have three pieces estimated to contain 1600 perches, to be eight feet thick …and the inside stone to break horizontal joints instead of which but two piers were built…The piers as constructed contained but little more than 2/3 the amount of face work that was originally designed, and more than one third more of backing stone or rubble work…The contractor was to prepare the foundation in complete order for the masonry for $3,000.00 therefore the extra charge of $784.80 for timber foundations should be deducted…The timber used in the superstructure was according to the original design, except that 36 additional braces not required for strength were put in contrary to directions. The whole amount of iron used in the superstructure is believed to be less than the original design…None of the masonry work was done in so thorough a manner as was called for by the specifications – a considerable amount should be deducted from the contract price…”.

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