Thursday, August 04, 2005

Photo Album: Lee, Willson, Badenoch, Pepper,etc of Brant Co. Ontario

Some of you know that I have a little corner of my website called "Lost Faces". LOST FACES is my collection of Family Photo Albums. I recently found this Civil War era brass bound photo album in an antique store in Shakespeare Ontario. It is in beautiful condition and every photo except one is labelled! It is Canadian, and the families lived in Ontario. Some had roots in Germany, some in New Jersey

Almost every photo has names in spidery handrwriting. Surnames include Lee, Willson, Badenoch, Pepper, Shaver, Muma, Edwards, Blundy, Weaver, Clark, Lever, Green, Drake,
Mannen, Bell, Jacobs, Heron, Kitchen. Locations include Brantford, London, Ingersoll, Little Falls New York

Most seem to be circa 1860s, 1870s, a few very early possibly late 1850s. I did manage to find a bit of information on the folks in this album (burial records, census records, etc), and it is listed on my webpage along with the list of photos and names.

Click on the album called LEE, WILLSON, BADENOCH Family Album of Brant County, Ontario

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