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William Schaszberger family York Pennsylvania

Wonderful large collection with original Tin Ware Box, of about [ 50 ] fifty, 1821 to 1900's original early York, Pa. Schaszberger Family and other Documents [ plus Shartzbarger and Dempwolf, as Reinhardt Dempwolf, a well known York, Pa. architect was Executor of The Estate of Amanda C. Schaszberger.] Documents include; Indentures, Deeds, Wills, Hand Drawn Surveys, Marriage Certificate, Bank Checks, Letters, an Architectural Drawing, etc.. as found in the Schaszberger Family original hand painted tin and brass document box which is included in this auction lot. We just acquired a large collection of books and documents, unfortunately we do not have the time to examine and catalog each item individually so we are selling some things in large lots. This is an excellent lot of vintage documents as found in the original family tinware document box.
THE COLLECTION: [ Document Box.] Original 1800's Schaszberger Family painted tinware document box. A nice larger size measuring 12 X 7.75 inches, with solid brass handle on the top, tinware hasp on the front. The box has hand-painted yellow decorative borders, and the name "W. Schaszberger." painted in gold leaf or reflective gold paint on either end.

DOCUMENTS: There are about Fifty [ 50 ] old documents in the box plus five [ 5 ] Account Books of which two are leather. The documents include early Hand-Drawn Surveys, Indentures, Marriage Certificate, Bank Checks, Letters, an Architectural Drawing, a Blueprint, etc. The documents and drawings date from about

[ Partial List Only.] Four Hand-Drawn Surveys, including one which is hand-colored, dating from 1821 to 1876.

A very attractive 1861 two page hand written document with itemized property of George Betz by the Executor Frederick Schaszberger, with a embossed York, Pa. Seal.

Original 1864 Marriage Certificate of William Schaszberger and Amanda Ickes ? Decorative printed borders, signed by the Minister, etc.

Hand Drawn Architectural Drawing measuring 15.50 X 12 inches with drawings on both sides. This is a early drawing as there appears to be no provision for a bathroom. The names Jacob Buser, John Moyer and John Wilson appear on the drawing. Some of the specifications are; "The Basement 7 ft. high, the Wall 18 inches thick, the Patiteian? Stone Wall 18 inches thick, The First Storey Frame 9 Ft. High, the Second Storey Frame 8 ft. High, etc.

Several Deeds or Indentures. The earliest appears to be a 1845 between George Upp and Catherine his wife of Spring Garden Township, and Jacob Fishel for $ 885.62, containg Eight Acres and One Hundred and Thirty Seven Perches Neat Measure. Also a 1857 Deed between David Strickler & Michael Boeckel & Christian Bender. A 1870 Schaszberger Family Deed, from Frederic & William Shartsbarger to George P. Shartzbarger..A 1902 Deed between Virginia Ruby & Husband and Daniel Trimmer, etc., and some others Jacob & Samuel Heiges, etc.

A 1880 Document between J.Frederick Schaszberger and The Spring Garden Loan & Building Association

A envelope and receipt dated 1894, for "One Diamond Ring, the Property of Miss Anna Rebekah Brickley.

A two page, hand-written letter of debt dated 1834 between Frederick Shapsburger ? and Elenor Gardner for $200.00. About land situated in Frystown York County Pa. near the Columbia Turnpike adjoining land of John Spangler, etc. with several signatures

A 1903 letter and envelope from Cochran & Williams Attorneys, York to Jacob Smyser about Miss Maria J. Heiges.

Large hand written 2 page document dated 1879 about sale of a parcel of land between George P. Schaszberger and L?H. Greenewald

Blueprint showing numbered building lots, titled "HEIGES TRACT..9th Ward, York, Pa...April, 22nd, 1903.". NOTE: Belvedere, Locust, Salem, west, and West Princess Streets run through these lots.

Very interesting large 6 page Document dated 1911, containg a very large inventory, including actual $$ values, of the property and posessions of E.W. Loucks. Includes the Daniel Cameron property in Hoffmansville, Maryland. Property of Milton W. Eisenhart and Charles Lightner, known as "LIGHTNER HILL" in North York. Two storey house and tobacco barn in Pleasureville, Pa. known as the John Dellinger Property and another same place known as the Stevens property with house, bank barn, etc. 12 Building lots in Pleasureville on Girard Street. The Weiser mansion House and Property at 2nd Street in North york. 12 Houses in the 12th Ward on Girard Street in York, Pa. Woodland in North Codorus Township 1 mile from Brillhart's Station. Building lots on East Philadelphia Street. The Zink Farm in Manchester. House and lot at 905 West King St. The Alexander W. Loucks Residence, Four Storey Mill, Barn, etc. in North York. The Leber farm of 157 acres. The Rudy Farm and Buildings in Hellam, Pa. The property known as "Hellam Station" with Railroad Station House, brick house, large Bank Barn, a Three Storey Merchant Mill, etc., etc., etc.

A two page Contractors Agreement dated 1892 to build a brick semi-detached house, between Gilbert & Coy Builders and William Schaszberger, to be built on the North Side of East Philadelphia Street in the City of York Pennsylvania for $1,900.00. Drawings and plans by Arthur Rosen.

Hand written 1895 agreement about land on West Jackson Street, York, pa. Signed by Henry Westenhold, Frank Berman, Sara Birman, W.F.Bay Stewart.

Five [ 5 ] original Bank and Account books, including 2 full leather "FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF YORK" acct. books belonging to William Schaszberger dated 1891 & 1901. A "FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF YORK" acct. book belonging to Amanda Schaszberger dated 1907. Two "ACCOUNT BOOKS" dated 1904 and 1914, one belonging to Reinhardt Dempwolf as Executor of the Estate of Amanda Schaszberger, and the other belonging to Amanda Schaszberger as Executor of William Schaszberger.

Also various other Shartzbarger Family documents, other documents, etc. including a detailed funeral bill dated 1914, from C.A. Strack & Sons with a nice letterhead illustrated with an old building [ The large building that stands beside the MacDonald's on South George Street.] Paid by Reinhardt Dempwolf foe Amanda Schasberger

[ Some of the Names on the Documents & Surveys.] Peter Spangler, Jacob Schultz, Jacob Fishel, J. Durbin, D.M. Ettinger, Daniel Heckert, Widow Emig, Augustus Meiser, A. Weiser, John Hough, George Upp, Catherine Upp, Jacob Buser, John Moyer, John Wilson, David Strickler, Michael Boeckel, Christian Bender, William Ramsay, Virginia Ruby, William Ruby, Jacob & Samuel Heiges, Samuel Trimmer, Clementine Heiges, Frederic & William Shartzbarger, George P. Shartzbarger, Elenor Gardner, Henry Westenhold, Frank Berman, Sara Birman, W.F.Bay Stewart, Miss Maria J. Heiges, Jacob Smyser, etc.

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