Tuesday, September 04, 2007

West Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts. Isaac Ordway

West Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts, July 26, 1823. A surety bond related to the appointment Isaac Ordway as tax collector. The text reads, in part: "We, Isaac Ordway as principal and Joshua Ordway, Jr. & David Ordway, Jr. as sureties, all of West Newbury in the county of Essex and Common Wealth of Massachusetts, are holden and stand firmly bound and obligated to the inhabitants of the town of West Newbury in the sum of six thousand dollars.... The condition of this obligation is such that whereas Isaac Ordway aforesaid is appointed Collector of State, Town and County taxes for said town of West Newbury for this current year and has accepted the office and trust....

"Now if the said Isaac Ordway shall justly collect and account to Nahum Mitchell Esq. Treas. of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts... to Nathaniel Wade Esq. Treas. of the County of Essex.... and to Thomas Hills Treas. of said West Newbury ... the above named sums and faithfully discharge the duties of said Office ... then this obligation to be void...." The various fiscal obligations, enumerated at the foot, total $2908.76. The document is signed at the conclusion by Isaac Ordway, Joshua Ordway, Jr., Daniel Ordway, Jr., Gilman Moones [?], and Merrill Ordway.

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