Saturday, November 08, 2008

Hartford, Connecticut 1777

Original 1777 manuscript from Hartford, Connecticut, during the Revolutionary War. It reads: "Sir Pay by the hand of Jonathan Palmer Esqr to Cap.t John Breed Seventeen pounds Eleven Shillings & Seven pence 1/2 & to Lieut. Ichabod Brown Seventeen pounds fourteen Shillings & one penny for Wages & Subsistance of the Militia Companies under their respective Commands in Service to Stoningtown & Groton in Alarms as pr their Rolls - & charge the State Hartford May 12, 1777. [signed] Jesse Root [signed] O. Ellsworth [signed] Jn.o Lawrence Esqr Treas." Note that Oliver Ellsworth, who signed it, was a member of the Constitutional Convention and a Supreme Court justice. He is supposedly credited with coming up with the name "United States of America."

This document can be found for sale on Ebay.

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