Saturday, January 24, 2009

Kent County, England1688, Andrews / Kemsley Family

This document is part of a collection relating to the Andrews / Kemsley family of the County of Kent, England.

"I desire you to take notice that I am sued as a casual exector for coming into the -------(unclear)----- Mencond in this declarcon wherein I have no title nor doe I claim to haue any estate or interest therein and am informd that you or some of you doe. I wish you therefor forthwith to appeare in his mats court of comon pleas at westm and to take upon you the defense of the suite in your owne names. Otherwise I will suffer a judgement to be had aft me by which you may be put from your posession without trial of you title. If you haue any wehreof I desire you to take notice from your friend Thomas.

27 Aprill 1688

Thoma Collet, John Millis, James Newell, Ralph Shelman, Widow West.

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