Thursday, March 12, 2009

Stolen Watermelon In North Carolina

This is a North Carolina Judge's ruling on a case of a stolen watermelon from a farm in 1873. It is the State vs. Nathan Bootie. It says a warrant was issued by the Constable, T. L. Bowden on July 23 , 1873. A witness for the State was Thomas Erwin. He claims that Nathan Bootie did take or steal the watermelon from his farm on July 19th 1873, and said melon was on the vine that he planted on the ash bank. Ellen Erwin, swore she saw it cut off the vine with a knife. The Defendant admitted cutting the vines under orders from Mr. Erwin, the farm owner because the vines were growing into the cotton. The Judge, finds the Defendant gulty and fines him $2.00.

It is signed by R. Bowden J.P.

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