Thursday, May 14, 2009

Dame Harriott Bloomfield 1821

Four-page manuscript document appointing Dame Harriott Bloomfield Keeper of the New Park, Hampton Court Dated 18th April, 1821 Signed by three different signatories, one legible as "Lowther" The beginning of the text reads as follows;"His Majesty's Grant unto Dame Harriott Bloomfield, the Wife of the Right Honorable Sir Benjamin Bloomfield, of the offices and Places of Keeper and Paler of the House Park of Hampton Court, and of Mower of the Brakes there, and of the Herbage and Pannage of the said Park with the wood called Browsings, windfall wood, and dead wood, happening in the said Park and of all the Barns, Stables, Outhouse, Gardens...and all the meadows, orchards, closes and Pastures together with all fees, profits [and advantages]" the document goes on to list the amounts she would be paid for the various duties; four pages, folded, with a blind-stamped tax or duty stamp on the first page.

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