Wednesday, March 03, 2010

List of the pyrats that were executed. 1721

"List of the pyrats that were executed. 1721."

The document reads -

"A List of the Persons names condemned before the Judge of the Admiralty - John Clerk, Rogers Hews, William Fenton, John Stewart, William Groon, James Sail, William Minty, Richard Luntly, Richard Jones.

Haymon Satturly pardoned.

The names of those who were absolved - John Eshwell, Thomas Loudon, Nicolas Kerney, Thomas Rogers, Dennis Pophen, John Gerrell, Henry Thixton.

A List of the wittnesses names - Nicolas Simmonds, William Savage, John Owen, James Nawler."

This appears to be a list of nine pirates executed on Leith Sands, Edinburgh, Scotland in January 1721. John Clerk was the pirate known as "Lord" John Clerk.

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