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Georgia, Macon County 1856

Georgia, Macon County
Before me Benjamin Harris, a justice of the Inferior Court and for said county, personally came Samuel M. McKenzie, who being duly sworn … saith that James H. Wadsworth and Henry Abraham, both of said county--

WITH FORCE AND ARMS … on the first day of July, in the year 1856, at or about the hour of 9 o’clock of the night, IN A VIOLENT AND TUMULTUOUS MANNER, WITH GUNS AND OTHER WEAPONS, DID APPROACH WITHIN 30 PACES OF THE DWELLING HOUSE OF MRS. MILLEY MCKENZIE … AND DID THEN AND THERE WITH TUMULT AND LOUD NOISE, the said James H. Wadsworth did CURSE, INSULT, AND USE HIGHLY ABUSIVE LANGUAGE toward the inmates of the said house, and did then and there FIRE OFF AND DISCHARGE A SHOTGUN LOADED WITH POWDER at the said dwelling house, which the said Milley McKenzie, one Maria C. McKenzie, Eusche Chatam a widow, two infants of the said Milley, and also George W. McKenzie and Samuel M. McKenzie, sons of the said Milley, and all members of her family, were quietly inhabiting said dwelling house as their regular place of abode.”

“And the said Wadsworth then and there FIRED OFF THE SAID GUN AS MANY AS SIX OR EIGHT TIMES, AND AT ONE OF THE FIRINGS, A NUMBER OS SHOTS STRUCK THE SAID DWELLING HOUSE. all the said time the said Wadsworth was in A GREAT RAGE, CURSING AT THE PERSONS IN SAID DWELLING AND DARING THEM TO COME OUT. And defendant states that the said Henry Abraham was present aiding and abetting the said James H. Wadsworth in the said outrages by loading the said gun for the said discharges and otherwise assisting the said Wadsworth to commit said violence.

And defendant also further states that A CERTAIN NEGRO MAN SLAVE BY THE NAME OF CAESAR the property of the estate of Ethel Wadsworth deceased, was also present, shouting and making a noise with the said James H. Wadsworth by his orders and directions, and by his command, THE SAID NEGRO CURSING THE SAID GEORGE W. MCKENZIE AND SAMUEL M. MCKENZIE, AND DARED THEM TO COME OUT OF THE HOUSE, AND HE WOULD GIVE THEM A WHIPPING, or language to that effect …”

Note written in lighter ink on the reverse: “The defendants Wadesworth NOT FOUND in the County after diligent searching. John(?) L. Parker, Sheriff.”

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