Sunday, October 28, 2007

Dutch Reformed Church of Tiashoke, Buskirk, N.Y.

Handwritten Documents Tiashoke Buskirk Quackenbush 1795 Dutch Reformed Church Stamples Letters Quakenbush 1800s Item number: 180172140290

1)1826 Receipt for a statement of salary paid to A. J. Swits.

2)1827 note written about Reverend Swits wanting to dismiss himself from the congregation and they are granting him his wish. It is signed by Asakeh Morris. President.

3)1847 note written asking the congregation to honor the dismissal of Mrs. Keesmance. It is written by an H. Heesmance in Medina Michigan.

4)1847 stampless letter addressed to “Consistory Ch. Tiosiock Buskirk Bridge, N.Y.”

5) This next piece is a receipt that dates 1848 and talks about the purchase of preaching supplies. Morris is mentioned on this one.

6) 1852 Receipt that says, “Received Cambridge October 26th, 1852 of O.R. Bacon Sixty two dollars in full for moving the P. Dutch Reformed Church of Tiosicok. M.L.Jones and Co. 4 ½ days work, two extra hands and teams. Traveling fees one way.”

7) This and the last letter date from 1875. The first letter is written to Rev. J.G. Smart and written by W.L.James. He’s asking him to inform him of the Church at Easton, and needs an introduction to the reverend there.

8) The last letter is very interesting and therefore thought it would be better to quote, as follows….

“Fort Miller, Dec. 13, 75

Rev. J.G. Smart,

Dear Bro. I learn from the papers that the ch. at Buskirks Bridge is vacant. I know but little about the ch. but as I am now without a charge, would like to spend a Sabbath there, if opportunity was presented. Would you be kind enough to introduce my name to the Consistory. I have spent the past season very pleasant and profitable to my health. But now am curious to get into new _____ ______. Hope you are prospering as I presume you are. Yours &c. J.P.Viele.”

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