Friday, October 26, 2007

Bristol County, Massachusetts Bay Colony, New England

1696 COLONIAL AMERICAN DOCUMENT, Item number: 230182287011

Bristol County in The Massachusetts Bay Colony in New England. Jan 5th 1696 The Examination of Esther Andrews She being asked whether she did Sell or Give Edward Hamon Two Quarts of Beans & a Piece of Pork She Owned that She Did and had Money for it adding being asked how she did not perform or Sell away Her Masters Goods She said She did it out of Pity and She Disposed of No More Theft unto me Hannah Tiffany Say. He had lost Twenty Shillings payment for Master and more and He knew of four Pieces of Pork She carried to the Cahoons and would have left it with them but they would not receive it but bid her to carry it back again the said Esther Denied it adding if she did take these Pork it was less than he owed her being asked if she told her sd master that she had made bold to take four pieces of sd pork and would pay him for it she said did not say anything about it at last she confessed and owned to it that she carried four pieces of pork to cahoon House she had out of her Masters Cellar owned and Confessed Coram Me Jn Safflin Justice. Edward Hannon Confessed and Owned the truth of all that had been testified by Hannah Tiffany and the rest of the witness's but to excuse himself thought or at least said he thought he might confess it that to Deal with the Many Servants and it was the First time that he did it and he would do it No More.Signed Jn Safflin Justice on Verso it States Esther Andrews Examination Jan 5th 1696 with Esther Andrews.

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