Friday, November 09, 2007


1735 COLONIAL AMERICAN DOCUMENT Item number: 230190459183

To The Sheriff of The County of Bristol We Command you to Attach The Goods or Estate of Samuel Curtis of Barrington Husbandman to The Value of 15 Pounds 8 Shillings in Good and Lawful Publick Bills and for want thereof to Take The Body of The Said Samuel Curtis and him safely keep so that you have Him before Our Justices of our Inferiour Court of Common Pleas to be Holden at Bristol within our said County of Bristol on The second Tuesday of July Next Then and There to Answer unto Lamuel Valentine of Newport in The county of Newport in The Colony of Rhode Island Or Tiverton in A PLEA OF THE CASE! that The Defendent render and pay unto The Plaintiff the Sum of 15 Pounds & 8 Shillings in Good and Lawful Publick Bills of Credit of New England which is Justly Due and Owing as by One Certain Prommisory Note as Mentioned in Writing under The Defendents Hand July 4th 1733. In Court Ready to be produced will Fully Appear Which Non Payment Is! On Verso Charles Church Sheriff Signs and States June 23 1735 By Virtue of this Writ I then attached a Table and Chair of The Defendants and left a Summons with Him as Ye Law Directs. Joseph Howland.

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