Monday, November 05, 2007

1873 Masonic Document For William Wolff

1873 MASONIC MASTER MASON DOCUMENT, HOBOKEN, NJ Hoboken Lodge No. 35 for William Wolff Item number: 270180673856

1873 framed Masonic document proclaiming William Wolff of the Hoboken, New Jersey Lodge No. 35 has attained the degree of Master Mason. It is dated April 24th, 1873. It reads:
"To all Free and Accepted Masons on the Face of the Globe, Greetings. We, the Masters & Wardens of Hoboken, Lodge No. 35, Free Accepted Masons, constituted under the Chapter from the M.W. Grand Lodge of the State of New Jersey, do certify that our worthy Brother William Wolff has been regularly Initiated as an Entered Apprentice; Passed to the Degree of Fellow Craft and Raised to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason, and is distinguished for his xeal and fidelity to the Craft. We do therefore recommend that he be received and acknowledged as such by all true and accepted Freemasons, wheresoever dispersed. In Testimony whereof, we have granted this Certificate under our hands and the seal of the Lodge, having first caused our worthy Brother to sign his name in the margin, this 24th day of April, A.D. 1873, AL. 5873." It has a blue seal and is signed in the margin Wm. J. Wolff and on the bottom by R.A. Anderson, Master; Justin Jones, S.W; E.W. Heavens, J.W. and an illegible signature of the secretary.

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Anonymous said...

This document is now on display in the Sioux City Scottish Rite Temple, Sioux City IA. It was purchased by one of our members for display.