Tuesday, January 29, 2008

1700s documents New Hampshire

March 1791,Jacob Burleigh and Sam Pickham. 1767, Jacob Burley and Benjamin Powen. March Jacob Burley and Mary Hilton. Jacob Burleigh 1828, George ?. Portsmouth 1792 Mr. Bartlet and another receipt on the back side from constable Rich Hilton. 1776 Wm. Burley and Joseph Alcock. 1768 Jacob Burley and Nathan Hoag. December 1793 Nicholas Doe. March 1799, Henry Burleigh. Second from bottom, December 1786 Jositha Burleigh. 2 survey slips in one 1795 W. Shammon.

This fantastic group of old New Hampshire documents is for sale on Ebay.

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