Wednesday, April 09, 2008

1793 Benjamin Mumford & James Gregory

1793 Benjamin Mumford & James Gregory both of Exeter, Weavers enterer the workshop of Samuel Hopkinson and and Made an Assault... "did then and there beat wound and abuse & other enormities...against the Peace." Hopkinson "prays they may be apprehended"

The second half of the document is a summons to the Sheriff to apprehend Mumford & Gregory "to be dealt with." Summons notes by the Constable he had "taken the bodys (sic)." Also Summoned Joseph Flood, Joseph Safford, Richard York Jun., And Hezekiah Smith.

Third page is a detail of the Court proceeding and notes the two Justices
found them Guilty. They were ordered to pay a fine of Six Shillings "and committed till this sentence be performed." Signed by Samuel Hopkinson, William Parker Samuel Brooks & Shackford Bennett.

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