Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Clerk of the Superior Court's Office 1768

"Minutes taken out of the Clerk of the Superior Court's Office 1768

Zachary Trescott, Sarah Wells, John Spooner Sell the Farm to Lewis 20 March 1731
Lewis Mortgage to John & Joanna Simpson for L2000 Sterling

Alexander Campbell or Elder Campbell, Swears that he held Lewis's Farm & Marsh all except 8 Acres
Salt marsh on the East side of the Creek which Job Lewis, Assigned to Mr. Joseph Heath** as he understood by said Lewis was for Service done him.
Thomas & Margaret Stephens Deed to Thomas Kellog & William Hobbs dated
6 September 1681 not recorded until May 1739.
J Coleman's Deed to Aaron Hinkley, Humphrey Purrington for Land former E. Side Stephens's Creek
dated 21 March 1756
John & Jona Simpson's Quit Claim of the Farm to S. Gardiner & William Bowdoin dated 21 Septm 1754 which Simpson's recovered of Job Lewis by Judgement of Superior Court at York
June 1748 & delivered Possession by Execution 7 Feb 1748/9.
Bowdoin's Quit claim to S. Gardiner dated 7 February 1759
N.B. Barnabas Seabury was the Sheriff who delivered Possession.
N.B. To Get Jones Plan & Oath to laying out Land
N.B. Ham[Or Thom?] Smith & Thompson's Grant from Plymouth Company."

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I have just purchased this document on ebay. Any help with people or places referenced would be deeply appreciated. Send to ctsp@earthlink.net - Many thanks, Dr. Randall Smith