Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Clyde River Paper Mill, Shelburne County, Nova Scotia

I found this great batch of documents on Ebay. Circa 1925 historical documentation of Clyde River Paper Mill, Shelburne County, Nova Scotia. Complete with lease of right -of -way agreement from Etta M. Greenwood, witnessed by Alwilda Thomas. Invoices from machinery firms in Halifax, Yarmouth, and Weymouth. Payroll documents from A.H. Harlow. Info on Mersey and Sissiboo Mills. Signed letter from R.L. Seabourne, manager of Woodlands Department, 1929, to Stillman Jones confirming discontinuance of watchman services at Clyde Mill. Has lease document concerning Sissiboo Mill. Documents signed by Secretary Treasurer Alfred H. Harlow. WU document Frank Greenwood dated Jan. 21st/ 1928. Clyde River payroll letter for $150.20, Nov.18th, 1927. Personal letter from James Sperry, West Green Harbour, dated Oct. 7th, 1929, to Clyde Pulp Mills. Clyde River tax bill for $640 from W.A.Thomas, Collector. Letter from Harlow to Jones: Would you please send us the wood purchase book which you will find in the safe. We want this to look up the logging operations for pine and hemlock for 1925 and 1926. You might telephone to Mr. Miles and ask him if the book is in order before sending it along. Letter dated April 13th, 1927: I have ordered the three pieces of Lignum Vitae from W.G. Utley, Machinist, Yarmouth, to go by freight to Port Clyde. Letter: We sold recently to Dunfield Lumber Co. three cars of pine amounting to $1,443.57 in total. Other letters from oil and insurance companies. Great historical documentation of Clyde River, Sissiboo, and Mersey Paper Mills.

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