Saturday, August 30, 2008

Lawrence County Alabama Slave Valuation 1856

This document from Alabama, Lawrence County Alabama is dated the 22nd of December, 1856. The document is addressed to and signed by C. McDonald, judge of probate, dividing a group of slaves between a father and son, Tomas J. Tweedy and Jos. M. Tweedy. Witnessed and signed by Lewis Dunlop, justice of the peace and three commissioners, Thos Ashford, Jas N. Crow, and Frs. W. Sykes who were chosen “to value & divide certain negros”. Contains the names, value and ages of seven slaves, the oldest, Nancy, 60 years old, valued at $300, and the youngest, Robert, a 6 month old child is valued together with his 23 year old mother Lizzy at $1,225. Another six month old boy, James and his 35 year old mother, Louisa, are valued at $1,025.

“After valuing said negros they were divided into two lots as nearly equal in value as the commissioners could divide there having due regard to law…” “Two pieces of paper with No 1 & 2 were placed in a hat & Jos M Tweedy was appointed to draw from the hat a number … he drew No 1.” “That T. T. Tweedy having the least valuable lot by two hundred and twenty five dollars, is intitled to that amount from …Jos W Tweedy.”

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