Thursday, February 26, 2009

A. J. Beyer, 10 Tremont St., Philadelphia

"Scheme of Silverplate as done on Looking Glass, Presented to
Willis Green by A. J. Beyer, Owner of the American Looking Glass Mfg. Co."
A detailed formula & process is described on the front using nitric silver crystals,
ammonia water & distilled water. From there, are instructions for mixing that
with tartic acid, with a recipe for making tartic acid. He tells also how to
remove silver from old mirrors & how to wash up afterwards.
He say on the back, "And I am sure that this will work."

Signed & dated Aug 21st, 1888, A. J. Beyer, 10 Tremont St., Philadelphia, PA, U.S. of America.

This interesting document is for sale on Ebay Item number: 160317405048. If Willis Green or A. J. Beyer are your ancestors this would make a great addition to your genealogy.

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