Friday, July 10, 2009

Private John A. Welch 1863

Civil War printed document. This document is dated Headquarters Department Of The Ohio Cincinnati, Ohio, November 4, 1863. The document says it is a General Orders No. 177. This document appears to deal with a person charged with desertion. It looks like it says Private John Welch of the 1st Regiment Ohio Heavy Artillery is charged with desertion and found guilty. In one area it says, "And does, therefore sentence him, the said Private John A. Welch, of Company E, 1st Regiment Ohio Volunteer Heavy Artillery, 'To be shot to death, at such time and place as the General commanding the Department may direct,' more than two-thirds of the members of the Court concurring." It then says the finding is approved and the commanding officer of the 1st Ohio Regiment will see that the sentence is duly executed in the vicinity of Covington, Kentucky.

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