Friday, November 26, 2004

Stock Transfer, Maryland - Brumbaugh, Angle

Handwritten transfer of stock in the Hagerstown and Conococheague Turnpike.

This is actually two transfers one on the front and one on the back. The first says: Washington County, Md. Know all men by there present that I John Brumbaugh do assign all my right, title, interest and claim of Ten Shares in the Hagerstown & Conococheague Turnpike Company to David Angle of which it appears is not all paid up. Here I bind myself my heirs and administrators or executors by these conditions to pay the whole amt. of stock which the whole is Two Hundred Dollars as written by my hand and seal this 30 of April 1819. Attest (signed) Joseph Brumbaugh John Brumbaugh.

On the other side of the document it says: I hereby assign and transfer all my right title and interest in and to two shares Hagerstown & Conocheague Turnpike ? ? stock to Henry Angle for value of his received. Witness my hand this Twenty one day of December in the year 1821. Witness (signed ) Joseph Brumbaugh John Brumbaugh David Angle.