Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Letter from Morgantown Virginia, Jonas Davis to Philadelphia merchant George Westcott


31 July 1800, Morgantown Virginia (later West Virginia) letter from a Jonas Davis to Philadelphia merchant George Westcott. Davis owes Westcott money, and thanks him for "so polite a letter" which "is seldom received from persons who have been kept so long out of their money."

"I hope that you will not order suit if I inform you that I am making arrangements to depart this place some time this ensuing Fall and fix myself at N. Orleans [New Orleans] or at Loftus's Hights at which there has lately been laid off a Town which I am told is high from the River [Mississippi] healthy and progresses with astonishing rapidity -- it lies close within the bounds of the US.

The Gazattes gave us an account that a Brig of 140 tons came up there, discharged her cargo - reloaded and returned...I cannot advance a single step by remaining in this country, in the discharge of the money which I owe I deem it most prudent to attempt an experiment of establishing a Commission House on the miscicippi [sic]

...I shall feel happy in the belief of being soon able to discharge all my debts. From several tracts of land I hope to be able to raise 10 or 1200 Drs. in the produce of this country...you will oblige me very much if you will write me by the next mail yr opinion of the under-taking."