Tuesday, July 05, 2005

New York Legal document 1713 Nicholas Dallie (Daley)

Dated January 5th "in the Twelfth Year of the Glorious Reign of Our Sovereign Lady Anne...." This is a deed of sale between "Nicholas Dallie [he signs "Dally" as does his wife, and is likely an old form for Daly] of the City of New York Carpenter and Elizabeth his Wife...

Give Grant Relase Renounce...Bargain and Sell unto the said Isaac Quintard...All that a certain House and Lott or Toft of Ground...being within the City of New York bounded on the North by the Street or Highway commonly called Maiden Lane, On the West by Smith's Street, On the South by Crown street, and on the East by the House and Lott of Matthew Benson, Containing in Breadth to the front of Maiden Lane aforesaid being the North End thereof Twenty one foot...and on the East side by the said Matthew Benson sixty six foot All English Measure...." And so on for another twelve lines.

Besides the note on the verso which is signed by three persons (David Letellier, Susan Letelier, and John Conrad with some writing after Conrad I cannot make out) there is another notation written and signed by a justice of the peace, Abraham Wendell. This note is dated a day later, January 6th 1713.