Friday, September 04, 2009

Lawrence County, Alabama, 1837

Court documents from Moulton, Lawrence County, Alabama, 1837, regarding a dispute between Gilford Gibson and Thomas G. Dobbins in the amount of $800.00. First document is a Sherrif's Summons , " . . . you are commanded to take the body of Thomas G. Dobbins wherever he may be found . . . to holden for said County, at the Courthouse in the town of Moulton . . . ". The charge is then detailed; for Dobbins to satisfy a plea of debt against him for $800.oo by Gilford Gibson. Bottom half records the date of the court appearance and the signature of the Court Clerk, Wiley Gallaway. The back of this document is all manuscript summarizing the charge. There is also the signature of the sheriff here and dates written. It includes another notation by the Court Clerk as to which pages in the Court's book he has entered the case.

Second document is a manuscript declaration by Gilford Gibson through his attorney and is headed , "The State of Alabama, Lawrence County, County Court, July Term, 1837. This document is 18 lines in length and recounts the defendant's promise to pay the $800.oo debt as well as his repeated failure to do so. The document then asks for damages due the plantiff in the amount of $1,500.oo. It also spells out the time frame that the debt must be settled in. Bottom signature reads, L.B. Cooper and an abbreviation of P.O. or P.Q. - I am not sure if this is the attorney for the case or someone else.

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