Saturday, September 05, 2009

Rochester New York, 1768

Deed on vellum dated 1768 during the reign of King George III. The indenture conveys parcels of property, parts of the Letters Patent, originally given by Queen Anne in 1703, in Rochester New York. The deed refers to the original letters patent and further conveyances as well dating 1721, 1728, and 1736 giving metes and bounds and geographic descriptions of the conveyance with several references to the Depuy family. The property conveyed appears to be tracts 138-143of the Patent.
The deed names Andries Dewitt, Jacobus van Wagener, Elias Depuy, and Jacob Hoornbeek, among others. There are three red wax seals at the bottom of the deed with signatures and Elias Depuy signs as well with no seal.

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