Thursday, September 10, 2009

1729 land deed Reading Massachusetts

To all people before whom this deed of sale shall come greeting now know ye that I Ebenezer Nickols Jun. of Reading in the county of Middlesex for and in his majestys province of the Massachusetts bay in New England turner for and in consideration of the sum of an hundred pounds current money of New England to me in hand paid by Jonathan Parker ternins of the town and county afforesaid husbandman the receipt whereof I do hereby acknolledge. and my self there with to be fully contented and paid and of every part thereof do acquit. and fully discharge the said Jonathan Parker his heirs and assigns forever. have given granted bargains and sold. and by these presents do fully freely clearly and absolutely give grant bargain sell aliene convey and confirm unto the said Jonathan Parker his heirs and assigns forever two pieces of land lying seitnated in the township of Reading near a place called Birchin meadow.

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