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Bristol County, Massachusetts 1774

1744 Writ of Attachment issued by the court of Bristol County, Massachusetts.


Bristol, ff. GEORGE the Second, by the Grace of God, of Great Britain, France, and Ireland, KING, Defender of the Faith, &c.

To the Sheriff of Our County of Bristol his Under-Sheriff or Deputy, Greeting.

We Command you to Attach the Goods or estate of Beriah Goddard of Dartmouth in our County of Bristol House Carpenter to the value of Twenty Four Pounds, and for want thereof to take the Body of the said Beriah Goddard (if he may be found in your Precinct) and him safley keep, so that you have him before Our Justices of Our Inferior Court of Common Pleas, next Second Tuesday of March next. Then and there in Our said Court to Answer unto Joseph Wing of Dartmouth in our County of Bristol aforesaid Gent. In a plea of ye case for that the defendt. at Dartmouth aforesaid on or about the middle of March last ??????? any Received of the which will ???????????????????? in court to be produced plan, one yoke of oxen and the defend. then and there promised to pay ye plant. the sum of forty eight pounds in good bills of credit of ye old Tenor for ye same yet the defendt tho oft requested hath not paid the same but unjustly denies to pay it.

To the Damage of the said Joseph Wing (as the Paith) the sum of Twenty F our pounds, which shall then there be made tp appear, with other due Damages. And have you there this writ, with your Doings therein. Witness Seth Williams Esq; at Bristol, this Twenty Fourth Day of December in the Eighteenth Year of Our Reign. Annoque Domini, 1744

Timothy Fales


Wing vs. Goddard

Bristol, fs. December 27th 1744

Persuant to the writ I have attached the dwelling house and land of the within named Beriah Goddard two fether beads and furniture belonging there to; one yoke of oxen three cows three yearlings and two calfs all set out to me by the Plant. (he being with me at the same time) and I left a summons as ye law directs.

Artis Hathaway Dep: Sheriff

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