Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Nottingham New Hampshire 1811

Document from the town of Nottingham "In the name of the State of New Hampshire," September 1811, being a summons to give evidence in a court trial Wherein Stolen Tuttle Jun is plaintiff & James Shepard is Deft. On the reverse, is a Certification these people had been summoned and "have travelled and attended as is set against our names:"

Signatures and the amount of distance travelled accompanies their autograph:

* Joseph Cilley "two miles, one day"
* Matthew Neally
* William Butler
* John Hill
* Benjamin Neally
* William Clark
* William Furber
* John T. Coffin
* Benjamin Cilley
* Enoch Bartlett

Signed also by the Constable of Nottingham, Benjamin Neally and Henry Butler, the Justice of the Peace.

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