Monday, April 27, 2009

Massachusetts Bay Colony 1745 Philip Harvey of Taunton

Colonial American Document of 1745 with a Massachusetts Bay Colony Seal.

George, By The Grace of God,Great Britain,France and Ireland, King, Defender of The Faith. To The Sheriff of Our County of Bristol his Under Sheriff or Deputy, Greeting. We Command you to attach the Goods or Estate of Philip Harvey of Taunton in The County of Bristol Bricklayer to The Value of Twelve Pounds and for want Thereof to take The Body of the sd Philip and Him safely keep to answer before Our Justices of Our Inferior Court of Common Pleas next to be Holden at Bristol to answer unto Nehemiah Hoskins of Taunton and in a PLEA OF YE CASE for The defendant at a place called Taunton aforesaid Indebted to the plaintiff and by His Note of that Date promised to pay to the Plaintiff in Six Months Time from the Date of The Note.: Yet tho oft requested thereto has not paid the same to the Plaintiff and still neglects it. On Verso Seth Williams Deputy Sheriff Signs and States Attleborough Feb 25 1745 Then virtue of this Writ to me Directed I have Attached The Dwelling House and Land being The Estate of the within named and at the same time I left him a Summons at his houseplace of his abode. Sam White Attorney also Signs.

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