Sunday, January 31, 2010

11th Veteran Reserve Corps 1864

Union Civil War officer's letter dated Headquarters, Company "F," 11th Veteran Reserve Corps, Point Lookout, Maryland, Oct 25 1864, from 2nd Lieut Bargillai J. Inman, to his friend Charles "Charley" Rouse. The content reads, in part, as follows: "Hush woman, hush. Oh: I forgot myself ... I have the honor herewith to transmit to you not muchery. Oh, I am it Charley, I don't know how to write anymore. Notwithstanding, nevertheless, bu,t however, there it goes again. By the eternal your ring. Ah. I got it at least. Now Charley, you will please accept this token of friendship from your esteemed friend and well wisher. I hope it will not be long before you come and see us. Please remember me to Mrs. & Mr. Doyle and I will send a token to Mrs. I. before a great while, also go around to Stokes and drink my health. Tell Stokes I have not forgot him yet. My respects to ... all enquiring friends, and here is that your shadow may never grow less, Old Boy ... [signed] B. J. Inman, 2d Lt. Comdg Co.

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