Monday, January 04, 2010

Washington, New Hampshire

Letter home to Mark Safford, Washington, New Hampshire, from a couple, Mary and S[amuel] Daniels, at Detroit, enroute on a trip to Jacksonville, Illinois. October 3, 1837, 3pp. with integral stampless cover. The blue circle date stamp is partially faint.
Content in brief: Pleasant journey; beautiful fruit in York state; "I have seen a great many curiousitys"; Niagara Falls "it well payed the way for going there"; dislikes Canada -- "there are so many different kinds of people"; muddy roads; thirteen teams of people on steamboat going to Michigan or Illinois; Detroit-- "does not look like the cobble hills of New Hampshire...every thing in the field are as fresh as they are there in June. The people here in the Citty have to pay twenty five cents pe[r] load to get the Farmers to carry the manure out of their yards, this is a fair specimen of the richness of this country...". S. Daniels also mentions that the East is old and in decay.

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