Wednesday, August 22, 2007

1859-60 Sheriffs Sale of JD Welshans PA

1859-60 Sheriffs Sale ofJD Welshans PA Document Hndwrtt Item number: 220141988253

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This listing consists of a court document from 1859/60/61, concerning a Sheriff's sale of J.D. Welshans property. Entire document is handwritten on the inside & part of the back.

January term, Vend. Exp. (Personal). S.W. Paine for the use of lbs. Elizabeth Laport vs J.D. Welshans, Debt $100, prothonotary 75 cents. Int. Aug. 15, 1859. All exemption & stay of execution waived. Nov 7, 1860 $21.63, etc.... Inside: Lycoming Co. w/ embossed seal. The Comm of PA to the Sheriff of Lycoming Co. Greeting: We command you that the: "undivided one half of 60 acres of wheat growing in the ground more or less, the undivided one half of 400 dozen of wheat in the barn, more or less, the undivided one half of 40 acres of corn in the field more or less, 3 horses, 2 two-horse "waggons." 1 two-horse spring wagon, 4 cows, 8 Shoats?, 8 hogs, and the undivided one half of 100 dozen of oats in the barn more or less. by you seized and taken in execution by virtue of our writ of fien facias to you directed as the property of J.D. Welshans, at the suit of S.W. Paine, you expose to sale, and the money thereof amounting to $100 w/ interest from Aug. 15, 1859 together w/ be held Jan. 1861 to render to the said plaintiff for his debts......Witness the Hon. Alexander Jordan president judge....Nov 20 in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty. Signed J.S. Junyan prothonotary per NBR. Another part written on back & signed by Sheriff Fnd. Shah? (Ferdinand S?)


Diane Welshans said...

I would like to know If J D Welshans stands for James ?
He lived in Lycoming, Pa

Genealogy Blogger said...


This is an Ebay Item posted in August 2007. I'm afraid you missed the auction by several months, and I was not the seller.

The Ebay Items I post here are not mine, I'm posting them to try to help people find an ancestor's document.

Sorry you missed that auction! You might want to check the blog daily to see what new items are available, or subscribe to the news feed in the left side bar.

Good luck in your hunt