Thursday, August 23, 2007

Henry Richmond of Taunton

1730 COLONIAL AMERICAN DOCUMENT IN A PLEA OF DEBT ! Item number: 230161584491

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This Very Nice Authentic Colonial American Document of 1730 is on Laid Paper and has a Massachusetts Bay Colony Seal with Timothy Fales Signing as Clerk of the Courts. To The Sheriff: We Command you to Attach Goods or Estate of Henry Richmond of Taunton Husbandman to The Value of 18 Pounds and for want thereof to take the body of The sd Henry Richmond and Him Safely Keep so that you have him before Our Justices Of Our Inferiour Court of Common Pleas next to be Holden at Bristol on The second Tuesday of July next Then and There to answer unto Samuel Turner of Taunton Trader IN A PLEA OF DEBT! for not paying the Plaintiff the full sum of 9 Pounds 4 Shillings and 8 Pence Current Bills of Credit forfeited and become Justly Due and Oweing to The Plaintiff by One Bond Obligatory under Ye Hand & Seal of Ye Defendent bearing ye date of June 20th 1727 in Court to be Produced Plainly will appear ye now Payments. On Verso Turner Signs and It States Samuel Turners VS Henry Richmond and Deputy Sheriff David Williams Signs and States Bristol June 30th 1730 By Virtue of this Writ Granted I Attached One Chair,Cotton Household Goods of Ye within Named Henry Richmond Ye Defendent and left a Summons at Ye place of abode as Ye Law Directs.

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