Wednesday, August 22, 2007

1930 Bail Bonds

1930 Bail Bonds 3 Documents Aid & Abet Criminal, Obstru Item number: 220141988619

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This listing consists of 3 bail bond documents for obstructing legal process & aiding and abetting a criminal. Multiple signatures on documents. Included:

Bail Bond for Hearing. That we C Owen Fry & A.R. Jackson are held firmly bound to the State of PA, in the sum of $300 lawful money to which payment well & truly to be made, we bind ourselves, our heirs, executors & assigns by these presents, sealed w/ our seals and dated this Oct. 10, 1930. Whereas the said C Owen Fry has been arrested on a charge of Obstructing Legal Process and Aiding & Abetting a Criminal on oath of RH Davenport..............Oct 17, 1930, 7:30 pm to answer said charge, and not depart the court without leave, then this obligation to be void, otherwise to remain in full force & virtue.....signed by C Owen Fry & A R Jackson along w/ EM Walters justice of the peace.

Lycoming Co PA. The Comm. of PA to R.H. Davenport, Constable: We command you, that you take C. Owen Fry and bring him forthwith before the subscriber, a Justice of the Peace in & for said County, to answer a charge of Obstructing Legal Process and Aiding & Abetting a Criminal....South Williamsport Oct 10, 1930. Signed by Justice of the Peace E.M. Walters. Back: Warrant No. C.O. Fray. Has written "Fanny" Davenport signed complaint. Charles Bi___lspack? County Solicitor signed. Other writing.

Served the within subpoena by reading to each of the within named witnesses as follows: R.H. Davenport, Bruce Davenport. E.W. Walters Oct 17, 1930. So answers R.H. Davenport signature. EM Walters signed the other side as well

I've tried researching some of the names. The A.R. Jackson that I found during that time was an Appleton Rich Jackson (born 1838 in Ohio) and an Anthony R Jackson (son born in 1872). Due to the dates this was probably the son. Anthony was born in South Williamsport, went to Ohio State Univ., studied law, married 1903, etc... This could be him I'm unsure. Cannot find anything on the other names.

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