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David Coffin of Newburyport in the County of Essex & State of Massachusetts 1811

1811 NEWBURY MASSACHUSETTS Document Coffin Rolfe Dana Item number: 160148590946

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1811 document for the sale of land in Newbury, Massachusetts

Partly printed land document, one page on a laid 8.5 x 13.25 in. sheet, Newburyport [Newbury], Essex County, Massachusetts, August 23, 1811. Typical light intersecting folds (tiny pinholes at intersections), faint show-through from ink docket on reverse, otherwise clean, bright, and fine.
A quitclaim deed. The text reads, in part: "I David Coffin of Newburyport in the County of Essex & State of Massachusetts merchant [his profession] ... in consideration of the sum of five hundred & sixty seven dollars paid me by Samuel Rolfe of s'd Newburyport merchant ... do hereby give, grant, bargain, sell, convey, and confirm unto ... the said Samuel Rolfe ... a certain lot of land situated in Newburyport and bounded as follows ... beginning at the most easterly corner on Franklin Street from thence running south westerly by s'd street to said Rolfe's land thence north westerly by said Rolfe's land thence north easterly by s'd Rolfe's land & thence south easterly by land belonging to the heirs of Thos. Lakeman to the street to the bounds first mentioned containing by estimation twenty rods more or less...."

The document is signed at the conclusion by David Coffin, by N. Coffin and Eben [Ebenezer?] Stone as witnesses, and by Joseph Dana as Justice of the Peace. The reverse bears a clerical ink docket by R. H. French, registrar. A seal created from a folded marginal flap remains intact at lower right.

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