Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Amanda Mary Becker (or Becher) and her husband Isaac Becker, to her brother James Shaw in Philadelphia

Amanda Mary Becker writes to James Shaw, her brother Item number: 190141273946

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This old letter is from a woman Amanda Mary Becker (or Becher) and her husband Isaac Becker, to her brother James Shaw in Philadelphia. the Beckers are in East Greenville, Stark County, OHIO. It is folded and has writing on all 4 sides. Folded as the letter paper usually was it is c 8" x 12 1/2". She begins " East Greenville February 22nd l841 Dear Brother" and writes continuously on 1st and 2nd page. Note that the bottom of the 1st page right is torn and must already have been missing when she penned the letter as she follows the tear. She speaks of her husband Isaac, a trip to Dayton and Cinncinnatti, the slowness of business, the "Wig" (sic)elections, and the religious conflicts in their church. She has children one of whom is 13 yr old William. On page 3, their mother adds a letter to "My very dear son... "showing the date to be February 23. Her letter is conserving of space, a bit hard to read sans magnifying glass but full information on the hard times in Ohio and the cost of whiskey, pork, butter etc. She contradicts her daughter Amanda Mary, calling her "Mary" and saying that business is much worse that Mary had indicated. She discusses her failing health and her trust in god. she signs a tiny "AS" giving some indication of what her name may be. Possible Amand Shaw also. At the very bottom Amanda Mary has added a PS about the son William and what to do about his schooling. The fourth page is actually the envelope with the red wax seal remainder and also some little numbers in the same pen. Also an interesting touch. James Shaw has written at the top when he received the letter which he shows as March 6 l841. He wrote some of this over and over as if practicing his calligraphy. At the other end, someone has written in pencil about the receipt of the letter and I find the names Susan Shaw and the places of Carlise and Lancaster Pa. Also Isaac Becker is mentioned and also Dayton and Cinncinatti, Ohio. It needs some magnification to be read more clearly. If you don't understand something about the photos, and want more, let me know and I will send them. In scanning the full length, I had to cut off the bottom and them rescanned that bottom part so you could see the signatures. This obviously concerns a pre - civil war Ohio family who has close relatives in Pa. It does not concern my family, so I hope someone out there recognizes part of their history. I an mail it for $2.00 in the states. The condition is as seen in photos. Very yellowed but the ink is still clear and full of care in some places and careless in others. It is obvious that both Mary and James like to try their calligraphy. Spelling reflects the times and perhaps the lack of education in women. There a a couple of tiny tears at folder corners but all in all good condition throughout for its age. Alot of History here for the collector and the historian.

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Jonathan Beacher said...

This letter was written by Mary Amanda Shaw (1810-1894), who married Isaac Beecher (1806-1873). The surname is not Becker. In earlier records it is Becher, but he is buried as Beecher. If anyone knows the current owner of this letter, please email me. My email address is displayed on this site: http://www.SearchTrees.com where you can view the family tree of Mary Amanda and Isaac Beecher.