Friday, August 24, 2007

Elias Dorsey-father, Elias L Dorsey, Richard Dorsey

1850 Eden/Ky letter to Dorsey/Il/RR/hemp/mules/wedding Item number: 280145401784

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1850 stampless fl from Elias Dorsey-father, and Elias L Dorsey- brother to Richard Dorsey in Bunker Hill, Illinois. Father and son are in Eden, Ky, and write about the current state of affairs with crop and farm news....Elias and I were in town today but did not hire any. they hire for 120-150 dollars with contingences such as clothes, taxes, doctor's bills, and the like. I had as leave be with out on those terms. we want to cut wood for the railroad. ledven has a great deal of hemp to brake. I have been offered 100 dollars per acre for 50 acres of the lawrence place next to ormsbys. much for about local life in Ky. in 1850.

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